New numbers are in: Health reform removed lifetime dollar limits on coverage for 105 million


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By Consumers Union on Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

In two weeks the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments to decide if the Affordable Care Act is constitutional. There’s no doubt the law has been controversial, and claims about “Obamacare” are flying again.

In the two years since its enactment, though, evidence about the law’s actual effects has been building. As we’ve previously written, hundreds of thousands more young adults now have health coverage, and 86 million Americans have better access to preventive care. New rules are also forcing wasteful insurance companies to be more accountable for their rate hikes and to rebate $1.4 billion to consumers.

A new report adds to the list of health reform’s consumer benefits: The Department of Health and Human Services estimates that the Affordable Care Act has eliminated lifetime coverage limits for 105 million Americans.

With the high cost of healthcare, too many of our family and friends have had to worry that a major accident or illness would not be fully covered. No longer.

For Bill and Victoria Strong, this provision has been life changing, because their daughter, Gwendolyn, has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. As Bill explains, “Whereas before we were constantly worried about that cap limit that we had on our insurance policy and how that was going to potentially drive us to bankruptcy, we no longer have to worry about that. And that’s wonderful, because now we can spend that time and energy focusing on Gwendolyn’s quality of care.”

Watch Gwendolyn’s Story for yourself—we’re convinced you’ll see why, regardless of how the Supreme Court rules, this is a protection we’ll keep fighting for.

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