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How To Contact Your Member Of Congress During Recess

What are these meetings all about? These meetings are about you! When your members of Congress are back in their districts during a congressional recess, they need to hear from you! These opportunities are an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions, share your concerns, and find out exactly what your members are doing in Congress and […]

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Oregon’s Clean Fuels Standard: Exceeding Expectations, Creating Consumer Choice

Consumers deserve more options when it comes to clean driving, and creating more fuel choices is one way to offer cleaner transportation, while boosting efficiency and lowering costs. Thanks to Oregon’s Clean Fuels Standard, consumers now have more options than ever before. Consumers Union advocated for its passage and now, one year into the program, […]

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EIA analysis: Fuel economy improvements to cut U.S. gasoline consumption by 25% by 2040

The Energy Information Administration is out with its latest fuel use projection and finds that if automakers meet the 2025 fuel economy standards, overall fuel consumption will decline significantly, even as more cars are on the road and miles travelled per vehicle increases. In other words, fuel economy standards will help Americans driver farther on […]

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The ABCs of EVs – Policies to Effectively Grow Electric Vehicle Market

Electric vehicles (EVs) are on the cusp of a market breakthrough – going from a small niche market to mainstream vehicles. EV sales set a record in 2016, increasing by over a third from the year before, and 2017 is already on track to blow past that record. But EV growth has implications beyond clean […]

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Attacks on Energy Star program hurt consumers and threaten progress on energy efficiency nationwide

You would think that a program that has a over a 1000x return on investment would be a key candidate for further funding. You’d be wrong. The Energy Star program, a voluntary program that certifies products as among the most efficient in their class, is one of the most successful programs in government history. The […]

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How Clean is the Air You Breathe?

The American Lung Association is out with its latest State of the Air report for 2017. The report looks at air quality in communities across the country and finds continued progress in reducing air pollution, but also troubling signs on the horizon. The number of Americans living with unhealthy levels of air pollution has dropped […]

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Low-income Households Benefit Most from Improving Fuel Economy

Filling up your car’s gas tank is a major monthly expense for a lot of households in the U.S. But new federal rules are hoping to lower the costs of those bills by encouraging automakers to development more fuel efficient cars and trucks. A recent Consumers Union study found that owners can expect to save […]

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Electric Vehicle Momentum Builds Nationwide

Clean cars are no longer just for the future. Many clean vehicles are already in showrooms, and you can expect the pace of new model rollouts to accelerate. Last week, members of the California Air Resources Board met to finalize their their midterm review of fuel efficiency standards for vehicle model years 2022-2025. They also […]

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Banks Made Over $30 Billion from Overdraft Fees in 2016

Overdraft fees are a real money-maker for banks. According to the Wall Street Journal, overdraft revenue is up 2.5% to $33 billion since 2015. Overall, in 2016, the top 10 biggest banks made $7.5 billion. These fees are costly for consumers. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has compared overdraft to a short-term loan with […]

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Clean Power Plan halted: What this means for you

Withdrawing the Clean Power Plan is a mistake that will increase costs for consumers through higher energy and health care bills. The Clean Power Plan requires states to reduce carbon pollution from power plants and encourages investments in energy efficiency and low-cost renewable energy. It is important to note that renewable energy is the fastest […]

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