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Sorting through the confusion about GMOs

Here’s an infographic to help consumers sort through confusing news and messages about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). GMOs are found in a wide range of products, and should be labeled to support informed choice.

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Posted by Caitlin Watkins on Friday, June 19th, 2015 | 52 Comments »

New NAS report finds automakers on target to meet 2025 CAFE target

Today the National Academies released a study on the feasibility of federal CAFE (fuel economy) and greenhouse gas emission standards for vehicles.  Overall, the study indicates that automakers are on track to meet 2025 standards on time and at reasonable cost and that the vehicle fleet is likely to become safer as it becomes lighter. The […]

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Posted by Shannon Baker-Branstetter on Thursday, June 18th, 2015 | No Comments »

Who Uses Prepaid Cards? Studies Say Millennials

The largest generation appears to be using prepaid cards. A spring survey by TD Bank found that one in three millennials uses a prepaid card, echoing the findings of an earlier study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. Prepaid cards look and work much like traditional debit cards, but aren’t linked to a traditional […]

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A Quick and Dirty Payroll Card Primer

Many workers – maybe you – get paid by electronically. If you have a bank account, your pay probably gets direct deposited to your account. But for folks who don’t have bank accounts, a payroll card, a type of prepaid card, may be an option. Payroll cards look and work much like debit cards, but […]

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Stop wasting money, start saving water

The average family of 4 uses 400 gallons of water every day but you can seriously reduce this amount, and your monthly water bill. As California struggles through their fourth consecutive year of drought, 40 states say they too expect water shortages in the next 10 years, even if water conditions stay normal. This means water […]

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Many Reverse Mortgage Ads Misleading, says CFPB

On June 4, 2015, the CFPB released a new study concluding that many advertisements for reverse mortgages contain incomplete or inaccurate information that can pose a serious risk to seniors who take out such loans.  The study was issued in conjunction with an advisory to consumers warning them to “watch out for misleading and confusing […]

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Worried about the Federal Employee Data Breach? What You Need to Do Now

Note:  While we originally wrote this blog to pertain to the data breach at the OPM, the tips contained here apply to most data breaches.  If you have questions about a particular data breach, please contact us @  ——————————————————————————————————————– Millions of current and former U.S. government employees’ information was stolen in a massive data […]

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A Long Time Coming: Health Technology in the Hands of Patients

By Dena Mendelsohn, Health Policy Analyst at Consumers Union, and Erin Mackay, National Partnership for Women & Families Did you know that you may already be able to access your digital health records from home? Harnessing the power of technology to improve health and care doesn’t have to be complicated; you don’t need the latest […]

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Posted by Dena Mendelsohn on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015 | No Comments »

Is Education Debt Holding You Back?

The hard part of college was supposed to be passing tests and writing great essays – not meeting the shifting demands of companies taking your loan payments after you get out of school. For millions of former students and their families, paying the bills is already tough.  But the companies that handle loans from your […]

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$559 million of cap and trade funds now going to underserved communities

Earlier this month California Governor Jerry Brown released a revised state budget, and the Greenlining Institute has issued a press release praising the new funds available to support AB32 and SB 535 projects. AB 32, The Global Warming Solutions Act, generates revenue from the sale of carbon permits through the cap-and-trade program, and SB 535 requires that 25% of […]

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