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Is Education Debt Holding You Back?

The hard part of college was supposed to be passing tests and writing great essays – not meeting the shifting demands of companies taking your loan payments after you get out of school. For millions of former students and their families, paying the bills is already tough.  But the companies that handle loans from your […]

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$559 million of cap and trade funds now going to underserved communities

Earlier this month California Governor Jerry Brown released a revised state budget, and the Greenlining Institute has issued a press release praising the new funds available to support AB32 and SB 535 projects. AB 32, The Global Warming Solutions Act, generates revenue from the sale of carbon permits through the cap-and-trade program, and SB 535 requires that 25% of […]

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CFPB Is Helping Consumers Check Their Specialty Credit Reports

Most consumers know that they can check their credit reports with the “big three” credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, once a year, for free, at But, there are dozens more companies that may collect and report important information about you – and it’s important to check those reports, too. (Note that these specialty agencies aren’t […]

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“Big 3” Credit Bureaus Settle With 31 States Over Credit Reporting Mistakes

The top credit reporting agencies are going to have to pay up for their credit reporting mistakes! On Wednesday, 31 state attorneys general announced a settlement with Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion over credit reporting errors. Not only will they have to pay $6 million to the states, they will also have to take important steps to reduce errors. The […]

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PayPal Behaving Badly?

CFPB Files Complaint Alleging Unfair, Deceptive and Abusive Practices   PayPal enrolled people in its credit program, known as Pay Pal Credit (formerly Bill Me Later), without their permission,  forced customers to use PayPal Credit even when they indicated they wanted to pay another way, failed to properly process payments, refused to honor and apply […]

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Posted by Consumers Union on Friday, May 22nd, 2015 | 3 Comments »

Judge’s Ruling Finds Bank Misconduct in ’08 Crash

Last week there was an important court ruling against two banks from the Federal District Court in Manhattan related to the impact and role of the sales of securities backed by faulty mortgages in the housing crash of 2008.  The New York Times reported on this development. To give the ruling some context, recall that […]

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Consumer factsheet highlights the benefits of AB 32

Consumers Union worked with our partners at California Delivers to publish an excellent consumer factsheet highlighting the real benefits of AB 32 for residents and the state of California. These benefits include direct savings for consumers, revenues helping California communities, and the growth of clean energy, the economy, and jobs. Below are some highlights, but be […]

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Victory! Dept of Ed Proposes Tough New Rules for Campus Banking Products

Good news for college students! Today, the Department of Education announced proposed regulations to crack down on aggressive marketing practices and high fees associated with campus banking products. These accounts can be aggressively pushed onto students as the “preferred” option for receiving financial aid and managing money, only to end up nickel-and-diming students out of […]

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Google’s YouTube Kids: Better for Advertisers than Families?

When Google launched its YouTube Kids App earlier this year, the company described it as “the first Google product built from the ground up with little ones in mind.” But Google also seemed to have advertisers in mind as it designed the new app, according to a complaint we – along with a coalition of […]

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Cutting pollution by 2030, 2050, and beyond

California continues to build on the momentum they created with the passage of AB 32 as the state looks ahead to 2030 and beyond. On Wednesday, April 29th, California Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order mandating that 2030 emission levels will be 40% below 1990 emission levels. This aggressive benchmark establishes an important interim standard that […]

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