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Debt Collectors Descend Upon Seniors–Thousands Complain to the CFPB

It seems like seniors are constantly being bombarded by products and practices that try to separate them from their money.  If it’s not another pitch for a reverse mortgage or an insurance product they might not need, it could be a phony debt collector trying to scare someone into paying for a debt they do […]

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AmEx Initiative Is Trying To Make Mobile Payments More Secure

American Express today announced the creation of American Express Token Service, to help card issuers, retailers and others in payments to support tokenization, a more secure mobile payment technology. In payments, a token is a bunch of numbers that stand in for a consumer’s payment account information. When tokenization is in place, the token – […]

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This Halloween: Unmask Your Meat

There’s a dirty little secret the meat industry would rather keep you in the dark about.   While the World Health Organization, CDC and nearly every other major public health group is calling antibiotic resistance one of the scariest health crises of our time, the vast majority of antibiotics in the US – eighty percent! […]

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Protect yourself by dodging credit repair gotchas

If you’re thinking about hiring a credit repair company to get your credit in shape, remember, these organizations aren’t always legitimate. Last summer alone, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has cracked down on at least two credit repair companies for bilking consumers out of thousands of dollars. In June, the  credit repair company RMCN Credit […]

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Worried about elder financial exploitation? Strong planning can help!

Elder financial abuse — when anyone takes or otherwise misuses the property of a senior citizen — is a surprisingly common problem. While financial abuse is often committed by people close to the victims, it is also committed by strangers as well, like scammers and rip-off artists. Seniors are frequently seen as desirable targets because of […]

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2,000 medical professionals ask Trader Joe’s: no more meat on antibiotics

A special message was delivered today to Trader Joe’s headquarters in Monrovia, CA from 2000 medical professionals from across the country: We write with an urgent request for Trader Joe’s to be a proactive leader in the fight to preserve our antibiotics, and end the sale of meat from livestock producers that routinely and inappropriately […]

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Free FICO scores on the way for Citi cardholders

Great news for those of you with Citi credit cards: starting in January, Citigroup will begin giving its credit card customers a free FICO score – the very same one Citi uses to set interest rates. This will give consumers free access to an important tool to better manage their credit. Keeping a good credit […]

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Executive Order Puts Federal Government Ahead Of Many Banks And Retailers In Moving to Chip and PIN

In response to the spate recent data breaches – Home Depot, Kmart and Dairy Queen have all reported breaches in the last month alone – President Obama announced a series of initiatives to improve consumer security on Friday. From a payments safety perspective, the most important is the Executive Order (EO) directing the federal government […]

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CFPB Working for You: Student Loan Help for Volunteers

Do you dream of serving your country as a Peace Corps volunteer, but are worried that you won’t be able to pay back your student loans? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is here to help. About a quarter of American workers are involved in public service. Many of them have joined the military, volunteered […]

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Second “climate credit” on consumer energy bills coming soon

California’s climate change and clean energy law is giving households some extra money in their pockets this fall reports Chris Clarke of KCET Los Angeles. The credit is a benefit of California’s Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, or AB 32, of which Consumers Union has been a strong proponent.  The state’s greenhouse gas cap-and-trade […]

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