Weekly Stories from You: Do Not Call List Doesn’t Work for Kevin’s Family

Christina Tetreault
Staff Attorney

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

Are you on the Do Not Call List? Do you still get robocalls? Then you know that the Do Not Call list doesn’t work. Kevin knows this, too. His family has learned the hard way that we need a different solution to End Robocalls:  

My wife was lucky enough to be home with our son for the first 4 months after he was born – but she quickly discovered that we receive at least 3 calls a day from “robocallers” throughout the day, even though we are on the Do Not Call list. These calls often awoke our baby or disturbed his feeding time. These calls are useless. In addition to the nagging disturbance to consumers, whatever business is contracting with these companies are being bilked as well – many times the machines don’t properly connect, and who would actually want to buy whatever a robocaller is selling?

donotcallScofflaws don’t care about the Do Not Call list, which means many of us are bombarded with robocalls just as Kevin’s family is. But there are hundreds of thousands of us who believe that there is a solution. Phone companies should offer their customers free, effective tools to block robocalls before they wake us from naps, interrupt family time, annoy us or worse. If you think it’s time for the phone companies to act, join with us today at End Robocalls.

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