Kathy Mitchell

Associate Director, Online Advocacy Strategies


(512) 477-4431
7020 Easy Wind Drive, Suite 250
Austin, Texas 78752
United States

Kathy helps to connect people on the ground with each other and with policy makers to create positive change in the marketplace. She helps create the infrastructure needed to allow people to communicate more effectively. She brings new people to Consumers Union’s online campaigns, activates them with (hopefully) interesting strategies and actions, and nurtures their commitment so we can all work together to take additional action off line and do all the tasks needed to really reform the marketplace.

Kathy came to this work from a background lobbying bills in Texas, working with nonprofits in Texas, writing freelance for a range of magazines, and volunteering for various grassroots causes in Texas. She has been on a number of nonprofit boards over the years. She has started nonprofits that eventually failed and helped re-energize nonprofits that eventually succeeded. In the past, she worked a handful of candidate races and ballot initiatives (paid and unpaid) with some success. She meets with lots of volunteers and for fun, she pitches in with some graphic design and web design for design-challenged organizations. She has three dogs, a lot of goldfish, and a wonderful spider with a giant web in her overgrown garden.

Download a copy of Kathy Mitchell’s complete bio (PDF).

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