The new health care law offers special tax credits to help low- and moderate-income people pay for insurance they buy on their state’s Health Insurance Marketplace.  This help is available to individuals earning up to about $46,000 a year and a family of four earning up to about $94,000 a year.  You can use these tax credits right away to lower the cost of your insurance premium.

To figure out whether you qualify for this benefit, Health Insurance Marketplaces need to know what you expect your household income to be during the year you are purchasing coverage.  (For Medicaid, they will look at your current monthly income.) That’s an easy question to answer if you have a predictable income from a job or Social Security, but not if you have erratic and hard-to-predict income from self-employment, sales commissions or seasonal work.

These FAQs will explain what you need to know when filing your ACA health insurance application and how to verify your income down the road.