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Surprised by a unexpected medical bill.

A new survey from the Consumer Reports Survey Center found that 1/3 of Americans had faced a surprise medical bill – and that most don’t know where to turn to correct errors or get help.

Whether it’s a shocking bill for an ER visit, a last-minute switch to an out-of-network anesthesiologist, or a bill that just doesn’t add up, consumers need protection and the tools to contest unfair or inaccurate bills.

New York’s groundbreaking legislation recently went into effect, protecting consumers from getting caught in billing disputes between providers and insurance companies. Consumers Union is also supporting legislation in other states across the country, including California, Texas, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Consumers Union has also created an interactive tool to help consumers in every state find solutions to surprise medical bills.

We’re collecting consumers’ stories about surprise medical bills. Share your own here, or join the conversation on Twitter using #medicalbills.


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