Clean Power Plan

The EPA has issued new rules to significantly cut carbon emissions from the power sector, which currently contributes about 30% of the total carbon pollution in the U.S. These rules, called the Clean Power Plan, give states flexibility in reducing emissions, so each state can make their own choices about cleaning up the air and delivering consumer benefits. While recent court actions have slowed implementation of the plan, state across the country can continue to make progress toward a clean energy future. Learn more about the Clean Power Plan, how states are taking action and how you can support their efforts.

Fuel-Economy-300x160 vehicle energy gas fuel car transportationStrengthening Fuel Economy

Today, the average new vehicle gets a little over 25 miles per gallon. But new, stronger fuel economy standards are on the horizon and will likely raise the bar to about 40 average mpg by 2025. Government regulators are beginning a “midterm review” to assess whether these targets are still affordable and reasonably achievable, without leaving fuel savings on the table. Consumers Union believes the existing 2025 fuel economy standards are achievable and will provide important value for consumers across vehicle type. Learn more about how higher fuel economy is a win-win for consumers.