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By Consumers Union on Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

TransUnion announced yesterday that they will be extending the security freeze to all consumers in about a month. Beginning October 15, 2007, TransUnion will offer the security freeze for no cost to identity theft victims and for $10 for non identity theft victims in states that do not yet have a security freeze law on the books.

They also indicated that it will meet or exceed the requirements of those existing state laws. In light of this statement, we believe that ALL consumers should have what the best state security freeze laws have to offer. All consumers should:

Get a right to freeze at all of the major CRAs
Face a fee of less than $10 to place the freeze
Have a guaranteed number of free lifts
Face no fee to remove the freeze
Get a right to a 15 minute temporary lift
Eliminate fees for any group in addition to ID theft victims, such as seniors or active duty military
Have an ability to enforce the freeze right individually or through the Attorney General.

For those in states with a security freeze law covering all consumers, your state law is of particular importance if it has any of the features described above. Since consumers often don’t know which credit reporting agency will be used by the creditor who is approached by a thief, a freeze must apply to all of the major credit reporting agencies for it to provide basic protection. That’s why we’re calling upon the other two major credit reporting agencies, Equifax and Experian to not only expand the freeze to all consumers, and also to implement the most consumer friendly provisions from the best state security freeze laws.

For those in states with a freeze law that hasn’t yet become effective, consumers can use this $10 freeze with TransUnion from Oct. 15, 2007 until your state law starts.

For the few states with a freeze law for victims only, all other consumers can use this.

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