Just about the time the sun goes down, the trick or treaters will arrive. But what about the creepy credit card tickster in my mailbox? Say NO to credit card rip-offs. Go to www.creditcardreform.org

Lately, I’ve noticed that vampire costumes aren’t as popular as pirates.
But when I look at how the credit card industry is treating consumers, I see that the vampire way of life is still very much alive. Every time my credit card bill comes in the mail, it’s like the vampire has knocked at my door. If I’m not careful, it will be ALL tricks and no treats– or some fine- print phantom might just jump out and get me. I know I’m not alone. Consumers have a lot to be afraid of. The frightening truth is that fees charged by the top six credit card companies suck nearly $8 billion annually from consumers’ wallets. Now that’s real scary.

Want to drive a stake into the heart of high credit card interest rates and fees? Now’s the time! This Halloween, it’s easy to “trick or treat” for credit card reform. Join Consumers Union and 8,500 other people who in the last 24 hours told Congress—”We’re tired of credit card company rip-offs!”

Go to www.creditcardreform.org and Take Action!

Norma Garcia
Consumers Union

p.s. If you want to see a movie about debt that’s more frightening than any Hollywood horror film, check out the documentary, “Maxed Out.”