What do you want to know about toy safety?


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By Consumers Union on Friday, November 16th, 2007

“Lead in old paint is a problem, and lead in toys is also a problem. Both can harm children, and which one is the worst for a particular child depends on whether the child has lead toys, or lives in an old house, or both. Addressing lead in toys does not prevent anyone from addressing lead in house paint.

Both problems should be addressed, and so should lack of medical care for uninsured children and a lot of other problems. Do we only address one problem at a time that affect kids and ignore all the other ones because they are not the ‘worst’ problem? Obviously not. Lead in toys is an easy problem to solve, and we should solve it, not ignore it because some other problem might be worse for some children.”

Thanks, Brett, for the chance to talk to your audience of concerned parents and thanks for everything you are doing to get the word out!

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