Nebraska Identity Theft Bill Advances


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By Consumers Union on Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Recently, the Nebraska Unicameral unanimously gave its first round approval to a security freeze enhancement bill (LB 177). In 2007, Nebraska passed The Credit Report Protection Act allowing all Nebraska consumers to freeze their credit.

The security freeze helps to reduce new account identity theft and is the most powerful tool currently available to consumers by putting the decision of who can view and pull their credit reports back into the consumer’s hands.

Since 2006, part of our mission at the Identity Theft Action Council of Nebraska has been to give victims and consumers a voice in our legislature. The 2007 security freeze law was a big step forward, but a last minute compromise reduced its effectiveness and consumer friendliness leaving a sour taste in our mouths. Today’s bill restores the law to the legislature’s original intention and additionally offers consumers a reduction in fees.

Processing costs to the credit bureaus to place security freezes for consumers have been reduced because of the advancements in technology and by the requirements of other strong state security freeze laws. Nebraska’s enhancement bill will reduce the security freeze placement fee from $15 per credit bureau (total of $45) to $3 per credit bureau (total of $9) and removes the seven year automatic expiration allowing consumers to take advantage of the freeze for as long as they wish. Our goal has always been to make our security freeze law easy to use and affordable for all Nebraskans.

We are extremely proud to watch and help guide this bill through the Nebraska legislature and look forward seeing our state join Montana and Georgia with a $3 security freeze placement fee with this bill’s passage. It will certainly be one sweet victory for all Nebraska consumers.

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