Big Update on H.R. 2749


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By Consumers Union on Monday, July 27th, 2009

The House is starting its last week of work before the August Recess, and the Majority Leader’s website shows H.R. 2749 (Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009) as the last item on the suspension calendar. Under House rules, bills may be taken up under suspension of the rules Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Therefore the Weekly Leader indicates that H.R. 2749 could come up either as the last bill of the day on Tuesday or the last bill under suspensions on Wednesday.
To pass under suspension of the rules, a bill must receive the support of 2/3rds of the members voting, a quorum being present. A quorum for purposes of suspensions is 218. If all members are present and voting, we will need 290 YEAs to pass the bill.
This is encouraging, but this does not guarantee that they will get to the vote, or that it will pass. Congress needs to keep hearing from you!
In the meantime there is a lot of closed door wheeling and dealing going on- some concessions may be good, some maybe bad. Make sure to write or call your Congressman today (again) and tell them to: Support a YES vote for the food safety bill, HR 2749–with no weakening amendments–before they go home in August.

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