Healthcare Lessons From the Past


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By Consumers Union on Monday, July 27th, 2009

Obama has learned many lessons from the Clinton administration’s doomed effort to reform healthcare, but Ezra Klein thinks that Obama might have learned those lessons too well: “Just as Clinton’s plan was weighed down by the impression that it would change too much, history may leave Obama’s effort vulnerable to the charge that it is changing too little.”

As it has become clear that the Senate will not have a healthcare bill ready by the August recess, interest groups are gearing up to put pressure on key legislators. “[Paul] Begala predicted an unprecedented wave of spending on all sides. ‘August recess is going to be the greatest stimulus package for local television and radio affiliates in the last 10 years,’ he said. ‘Everybody on every side of this is going to be advertising in the local media trying to move those members.’”

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  1. Chuck Weller says:

    Please investgate nonprofits healthcare providers such as Sutter Health out of Sacramento, CA.

    About two years ago they had a profit of near $750,000 or $750,000,000. They hire doctor’s to work in the hospitals they own or operate through shell organizations such as Pacific Regional “something”, to get around state law which forbids hospitals from hiring doctors as it can lead to Rx unnecessary tests and labs.

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