This August: Hold a House Party for Healthcare Reform!


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By Consumers Union on Thursday, July 30th, 2009

For far too long Americans have been forced to deal with an overpriced outdated healthcare system that has left 50 million people across our nation uninsured. This past week history was made when the House released their comprehensive plan for reforming our healthcare system.

The bill:

  • seeks to expand healthcare coverage to almost 40 million uninsured Americans by creating a government-run insurance plan to compete with private companies
  • prohibits insurance companies from denying Americans coverage due to pre-existing conditions

This is just one step in what will be a long and strenuous journey to comprehensive healthcare reform. We need to keep the pressure on!

We cannot sit back and idly hope that our representatives in Washington will make the right decision in favor of reform. We must take action.

One of the best ways to voice your opinion to your local congressmen and your two senators is to send them hand-written letters. During the month of August, Congress will be back in their home states, making this the perfect time to get their attention and let them know that their constituents want real change to our healthcare system.

We’re asking people all across the country to host a letter writing house party between August 1st and August 31th.

People have started to hold these parties all over the country. Take a look at the photos we have collected to get some ideas on how to throw your party. Amanda from Weiser, ID, a house party hostesses, even got her event covered in the local paper.

Sign up today and we will mail you a kit for your party, completed with paper, pens, stamps, sample letters and other healthcare materials.

Hosting a party for neighbors and friends:

  • Gives people a chance to voice their ideas, share their experiences and see that there are others who share their concerns for this key issue facing millions of Americans today.
  • It also gives people who may not have acted on their own, the push they need to do something.
  • And they allow for a more intimate and friendly setting where one would feel more comfortable speaking up and stating his or her own ideas.

Congress is expected to vote on a plan to give us real choices in healthcare coverage very soon. Let’s make sure they know how important reliable, affordable health coverage is to you and your neighbors.

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