Fact Check: Independent group debunks claims made in TV ads


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By Consumers Union on Thursday, August 6th, 2009

The University of Pennsylvania’s independent Annenburg Public Policy Center is fact checking the advertisements for and against health reform. Their site, factcheck.org, examines some of the more outrageous claims being made in TV ads, ferreting out falsehoods and revealing misinformation and misleading claims in the ads.

Check out the site for the factual analysis that debunk current ads on TV that falsely claim insurance premiums will increase under health reform; that
abortions will be covered
, while surgery for seniors won’t be covered; and that the House reform bill includes a provision for euthanasia of seniors.

The site also looks at health reform claims by supporters, including President Obama. It is defiintely worth reading to get at the facts behind health reform, and not the misinformation and hype.

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