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By Consumers Union on Monday, April 19th, 2010

As things are heating up in Congress the lending industry is mounting a huge offensive on our representatives to squash consumer protection and maintain the status quo. CU and thousands of grassroots activists are fighting back to ensure that an independent consumer watchdog is established and that rules are put in place to reign in Big Banks, Credit Card companies, and Predatory Lenders.

We need a strong and wholly independent financial watchdog that has the power to protect consumers against tricky financial products and practices, without having its decisions delayed or second guessed by the banking regulators.

It will take smart active consumers to push back the lending industry. To make it easier to learn more we created the Financial Reform Action Center. This page contains everything you need to become an educated financial reform activist including:

CU’s CFPA Fact Page

Bill Summaries of HR 4173 and S 3217

A CFPA Mythbuster

How Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010 will end “Too Big to Fail”

The Benefits of Derivatives Regulation

And of course, a link to take action and to share your financial rip-off story. Bookmark the page and follow the blog to keep up on the latest concerning S 3217.

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