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By Consumers Union on Friday, June 25th, 2010

Smelly cereal

Kellogg Co. voluntarily recalled 28 million boxes of cereal today because of potential problems with cereal box liners causing an “off flavor and smell” which may induce nausea and diarrhea. The nationwide recall includes boxes of Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Fruit Loops and Honey Smacks with use-by dates ranging from March 26, 2011, to June 22, 2011.

Click here for more information and the UPC codes and specific dates of affected boxes.

Eat your greens…just not these

Lancaster Foods announced a recall on Thursday of bagged fresh spinach packaged under the names Krisp-Pak, Lancaster Fresh, Giant, and America’s Choice due to possible Listeria contamination.   The recall applies to products with Use-by Dates of June 19 – June 27 2010 in the following states: New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Ivermectin overload

Don’t know what Ivermectin is?  We had to look it up too.  Ivermectin is an insecticide used against parasitic worms in livestock.  61,000 lbs. of beef products were recalled this week by Sampco, Inc. of Chicago because the meat (imported from Brazil) may contain high levels of the chemical.  The recall involved the following canned and frozen beef products:

  • Deltina Corned Beef with Juices – shipped to Florida for distribution
  • Hormel Corned Beef with Natural Juices – sent to Guam for distribution
  • 35 lb. boxes of Seasoned Cooked Beef – shipped to federal institutions
  • 35 lb. boxes of Sampco Brand Frozen Cooked Beef, Salt added – shipped to federal institutions

The products affected by the recall were produced in Brazil on January 20, 2010 and are marked with “BRASIL 337 S.I.F,” along with “Product of Brazil” or “Packed under Brazilian Government Inspection.”  Click here to see product labels (PDF).

Lobster clawed

The Portland Shellfish Company is recalling 2 lb. bags of lobster claw and knuckle meat under the private label Meat Without Feet due to possible contamination by Listeria.  75 cases were shipped to the New York metropolitan area.

Beef please, hold the E. coli

Earlier this week two companies recalled a combined total of 38,700 pounds of beef that are believed to have a high risk of contamination with E. coli bacteria.  The good news is: it’s probably not in your fridge (unless you’re a restaurant in southern California or a food service institution in the tri-state area)…

  • South Gate Meat Co. of South Gate, CA recalled the bulk of the meat—35,000 lbs—which was shipped to restaurants in the Los Angeles and Orange County, CA areas.
  • Crown I Enterprises of Bay Shore, NY recalled 3,700 lbs. of ground beef products which were shipped to food service institutions in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

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