Twilight Prepaid Cards Will Suck You Dry


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By Consumers Union on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

The Twilight branded gift cards are eclipsing sound consumer decisions with marketing proving again that prepaid card fees and rip offs will try to suck every last drop of financial blood from consumers. A company called MYPLASH is marketing directly to teenagers with cards that have Bella, Jacob, and of course, the dreamy yet pale, Edward adorning the cards. In huge letters on the splash page they get right to the point “You Don’t Have to Be 18 to Get MYPLASH.” Using teen online magazines like J-14 they have been going after their target audience.


But as we all know these cards can’t hurt you unless you invite them into your home first. MYPLASH is trying to glamor parents and teens into thinking that these fee laden cards are a good route to financial responsibility. We have posted tips on what to look out for when dealing with pre-paid cards.

“At MYPLASH, we strive to offer our teen cardholders lots of value, with exclusive discounts and special offers that only MYPLASH cardholders can get. We also provide parents a great tool to use when teaching their teens about financial responsibility and budgeting. That’s why we keep all of our fees as low as possible, with many free features such as free wireless & email alerts, free direct deposit and free online card account access, where you can always check your card account balance and status 24/7.”

It doesn’t matter if you are Team Edward or Team Jacob because even they are powerless to protect you when it comes to this prepaid card’s fees. What do you think? Tell us in the comments or share your story here.

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