Along for the ride: Food safety now attached to larger funding bills


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By Consumers Union on Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Thus the meandering path of the food safety bill from inception to becoming law continues, with passage and final signing by the President looking likely despite its unusual course.

The hang-ups have been largely procedural.  The food safety bill already passed with overwhelming bipartisan support in both chambers, and two weeks ago looked as though it was headed for President Obama’s signature.  However the House believed there was a problem with one of the funding mechanisms in the Senate’s version of the bill and insisted on voting again to change that portion of the language.   Now that they’ve approved the bill again (via the continuing resolution bill) it’s back to the Senate again.  Hence the congressional ping-pong of the food safety bill between the two chambers.

According to Food Safety News:

“The constitutional snafu nearly derailed the legislation–which has struggled to gain attention amidst a busy legislative agenda–but now that the provision is attached to an all-or-nothing government spending bill, there’s a real chance that food safety reform will be approved before the end of the year.”

The Senate is expected to vote on their spending bill at the end of this week.

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