CU rebuts industry’s BPA “facts”


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By Consumers Union on Friday, April 22nd, 2011

BPA is a $6 billion industry, and the chemical is used by thousands of companies in their products.   Ironically, while their trade associations fight the bans, some companies are simultaneously phasing the chemical out of their products or investing in research to find alternatives. It certainly begs the question:  if BPA is so safe, then why are many of these companies starting to shift away from its use in consumer products – and why, for example, did Sunoco, a manufacturer of BPA, decide it won’t sell the chemical to companies unless they guarantee that BPA will not be used in children’s food and beverage products?

No place is the battle more alive than in California where a bill to ban BPA in children’s products has been re-introduced – following last year’s fierce debate in which a similar bill ultimately lost by two critical votes.  Now, once more, the industry is pounding the drum supporting their view that BPA is safe.

However, the government and scientific bodies they cite say something very different from what industry claims.   In response to a letter submitted by a slew of industry groups to the California State Assembly, Consumers Union has drawn up a point-by-point reply that sets matters straight.  With direct quotes from bodies like the FDA and EPA, international government agencies, scientists and the World Health Organization, CU refutes the industry groups’ assertions that there is no cause for concern over ingesting BPA and that most government bodies have declared it perfectly safe.  If only that were absolutely true – but we know better.

You can read Consumers Union’s rebuttal to the BPA industry’s array of misleading and at times, false claims about BPA’s safety here.

We’ll keep you posted as the bills in California and other states continue to progress, and we’ll certainly remain vigilant when industry group claims of safety need some double-checking.

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