Not ‘if’ but ‘when’: getting BPA out of canned goods


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By Consumers Union on Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

The first was a recent move by the Swedish government requiring food manufacturers and packaging companies to submit plans on how they intend to substitute BPA-free alternatives in their can linings, a timeline for the transition, and what it might mean for the marketplace.  A final decision on a phase-out is expected to be made within the next year.

The second event happened a little closer to home in Atlanta, GA.  At a shareholder meeting for Coca-Cola several groups proposed a resolution (pdf) asking the company to report on the measures they’re taking to move away from the use of BPA in their soda cans.   The resolution, which received the vote of 26% of shareholders, states, “Coca-Cola does not make sufficient disclosure on the steps it is taking to address concerns over the use of BPA in the linings of its canned beverages and its role in the efforts to develop alternatives given the growing awareness of potential effects of BPA by consumers and regulatory agencies.”  (And while 26% may not seem like a landslide, in a shareholder resolution 10% is often enough to get a company to act.)

Events like these reflect the “tidal wave of concern” over BPA that has the capacity to change the marketplace for canned goods the way it already has for plastic water bottles, baby bottles, and other children’s products – many of which now line the shelves touting their BPA-free status.

The question of getting BPA out of canned goods, according to the author, is not “if but when.” .


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