Want to avoid BPA? Kick the Can.


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By Consumers Union on Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Thousands of you recently helped us pass state laws to get the chemical bisphenol A out of baby bottles and sippy cups. And we’ll keep working at the state and national level to make sure every infant and toddler in the nation is protected from this harmful chemical.

But it’s not just children who are at risk. If you eat canned goods, you too could be exposed to BPA and its related health issues.

Tests by Consumer Reports and others, including the FDA, have shown that the chemical leaches from can liners and into the food we’re eating. An estimated 93 percent of us have detectable levels of BPA in our bodies.

Hundreds of studies have implicated BPA in health effects ranging from breast and prostate cancer to diabetes, as well as problems with fertility and neurological development in children. And BPA just made headlines recently, shown to have an impact on thyroid hormone levels.

Do you think you should be able to eat canned goods without worrying about this chemical making its way into your body? So do we.

Take a pledge to Kick the Can:  stop buying or eating canned food for a week and we’ll forward your message on to the five largest can companies with a demand that they tell us what they’re doing to get BPA out of canned goods.

Together with our partners at the Breast Cancer Fund, we’ll urge these companies to stop using BPA in their can liners, and to replace it with a safe alternative.

Take the pledge now, and we’ll send a letter with your message to:

•Del Monte • Campbells • ConAgra (Chef Boyardee, Hunts, Healthy Choice) • General Mills (Progresso, Old El Paso) • Dole

Tell these companies you won’t be buying or using their products for a week, and ask them what they’re doing to make their products BPA-free!

Help keep the momentum going and send a strong message to manufacturers that we want BPA out of cans and out of our bodies. Kick the can now!

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