Heinz tackles ketchup conundrum with new ‘Dip and Squeeze’ packets


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By Consumers Union on Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

If there’s one thing this country needs, it’s more easily accessible ketchup for our French fries while driving.  Or at least that’s what Heinz believes and they’ve spent three years developing a new ketchup package to solve the problem.

Sales of French fries have been declining at the drive-thrus of  fast food restaurants, which Heinz attributes in part to the difficulties drivers have using current ketchup packets which are “messy, hard to open and don’t provide enough ketchup.”

The new ‘Dip and Squeeze’ package is their answer.  Three times the portion size of a typical ketchup packet, the Dip and Squeeze is supposed to make it easier for eaters on the go to access America’s #1 condiment.

The new packets are being rolled out this year at several restaurant chains including Wendy’s, Dairy Queen and Chick-fil-A.   McDonald’s and Burger King are still considering the product, which costs several times more than the current, smaller ketchup packets.

Looks to us like this new packaging will still require drivers to either rip off one end for squeezing, or peel back the top and balance the little container on their lap for dipping – neither of which seems particularly easy (or safe) while driving.

And do we really need more encouragement to eat fried food behind the wheel anyway?

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