Send BofA Your Own Video Breakup: “Drop the fee or we drop you!”


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By Consumers Union on Monday, October 24th, 2011

We imagine the conversation might go something like this…Press play!

Do you have something to say to Bank of America? Soon BofA will charge you $5 a month to use your debit card, even though they’re already collecting enough money from retailers to profit on the processing costs.

Upload YOUR breakup message here to Bank of America and email us the link right now! (charer @ If you prefer you can just email a photo of you with your breakup message instead. And be sure to include the line, “Drop the fee, or we drop you!” Follow the easy steps below! We’ll work to get your message in front of BofA’s top brass. Even if you aren’t a BofA customer, tell them what you want them to hear.
YouTube Video Submission:
1. If you’re over 18, film your best breakup video with web-cam, cellphone or camcorder telling BofA that it’s over unless they drop the new debit card fee. Use our video as an example, or get really creative and come up with your own breakup message!

2. Keep your video to 30 seconds or less and use only original content (no music or images that are trademarked or owned by others.) We know break ups can be emotional, but please no swearing or abusive language or images. You’re bigger than that.

3. Be sure to include the phrases: “Hey Bank of America, it’s me. Can we talk?” AND “Drop the fee or we drop you!

4. Upload your video to YouTube and be sure to title it “Drop the fee or we drop you!”

5. Select Creative Commons License under the licensing section so we can compile your video with others to make an even bigger statement!

6. Email the public link of your video to: charer @ We will alert all video submitters when the site is active.
Remember, all Youtube videos are publicly available to everyone on the Internet. Don’t disclose ANY personal or sensitive banking information in your submission.
Photo Submission
1. If you’re over 18, email a picture of yourself holding your breakup message to BofA at charer @

2. Be sure to include the phrases: “Hey Bank of America, it’s me. Can we talk?” AND “Drop the fee or we drop you!”

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