Sleuthy consumer uncovers sneaky fish marketing


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By Consumers Union on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Customers at the fish counter are on high alert since the latest issue of Consumer Reports hit the shelves featuring the article ‘Mystery Fish’ in which our lab tests show that about 22% of the time we’re not getting the fish we’re paying for.

After reading the piece, one gentleman took it upon himself to alert us when he spotted a questionably-labeled package of fish at his local Trader Joe’s.    We decided to investigate, which resulted in this blog published on our sister website, the Consumerist.

Turns out there’s no such fish as ‘white ruffy’ – but some sneaky packaging might make you think there is!  Read the full story here.  And if you ever see ‘white roughy’ or ‘white ruffy’ on a menu, it’s time to call someone’s bluff.

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