Affordable Care Act is increasing coverage, study confirms


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By Consumers Union on Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

In September, we reported on a Census survey showing that the Affordable Care Act expanded healthcare access to over 500 thousand young adults in 2010 alone. Although some were skeptical of the data, it strongly suggested the increased coverage was the result of a provision requiring that insurers allow young adults to stay covered by their parents’ policy until they are 26, even if they leave home, graduate or lose work-based coverage.

Four months later, a more comprehensive study from the Employee Benefit Research Institute confirms what the Census initially revealed: the health reform law is working. The report, which includes the Census data and incorporates two other surveys, concludes, “The data from these three surveys suggest that the PPACA’s coverage mandate has resulted in an increase in the percentage of young adults with employment-based health coverage as a dependent.”

This new requirement is just one of the Affordable Care Act’s many steps to reach the goal of healthcare for all. As we work up to January 1, 2014, Consumers Union will continue to pursue full and effective implementation of the health reform law to ensure a fair and just healthcare marketplace for consumers.

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