NC, WI applications complete; HHS to rule on rebates soon


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By Consumers Union on Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Like Texas, Florida and several states before, insurance departments in North Carolina and Wisconsin have now finalized applications to delay an important new rule that could slow rising insurance premiums or even give you a rebate.

On Wednesday, the Federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) opened up a formal public comment period for these state applications  giving the public 10 days to make a case for preserving this new important consumer protection.

As we’ve recently posted, the new rule known as the Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) requires that insurance companies spend 80% of premium dollars they collect on actual medical bills – not on overhead or profits – or rebate policyholders the difference if they fall short.

Consumers Union supports the full implementation of the MLR provision of the Affordable Care Act to help ensure accountability of health insurance companies and value for almost 75 million policyholders. The thousands of stories we’ve received from ordinary Americans affected by rising premiums helped make such protections possible.  We’re reviewing these applications and will make the case for why consumers need better value in health insurance.

If you’ve seen your premiums raised or your coverage cut and haven’t already written us about it, please share your story and help us hold insurers accountable.

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