Help the Office of Privacy Protection Celebrate Another Birthday


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By Consumers Union on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Do you care about your privacy?  Your kids’ privacy?  Then you should care about the fate of the COPP.

The California Office of Privacy Protection (COPP) is about to be eliminated.  This important state agency has helped out individuals and businesses with sticky privacy issues like identity theft, online child safety, cyber security, financial privacy and mobile device privacy since 2001.

For example, who can you turn to when you get a letter or email telling you that your sensitive personal information has been breached and that you’re at risk for identity theft?  Or you are a small business and your database may have been hacked?  In California, it’s been the COPP.

They are already a lean mean agency, with only 4 staff but have helped out thousands of Californians.  Help them celebrate their next birthday and tell the Governor’s office you need the COPP.  You can write a letter addressed to Nancy McFadden, Executive Secretary, Office of Governor Jerry Brown  c/o State Capitol, Suite1173, Sacramento,CA95814.


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