Californians: Denied coverage for a treatment or condition? Tell us about it!


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By Consumers Union on Monday, October 1st, 2012

Californians! Ever had coverage for your medical care denied by your health insurance company?  Were you stuck with bills you couldn’t afford? Did you go without care due to an exclusion in your policy? We want to hear from you.

Tell your story below, and we’ll use your experience to help bring you better insurance policies.   

Lots of consumers have been saddled with outrageous bills for procedures they thought were covered after insurers denied claims or hid policy exclusions in the fine print.

Starting in 2014, the Affordable Care Act gives you some new protections. California’s new competitive health insurance marketplace (or Exchange), will make it easier for California’s individuals, families and small businesses to compare plans. And that means eliminating ways that insurance companies “game” the comparison with hidden exclusions.

In other words, insurers will no longer have unrestricted ability to fill the legalese with technical loopholes, and consumers will be able to make apples to apples comparisons on plans that best fit their budget and needs.

But exactly what will be required, and at what cost?  That’s where you come in. Your personal experience can show state leaders the real impact of technical jargon currently common in insurance policies. Tell us about it here.

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