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You deserve safe, healthy food. Help us label GMOs and get antibiotics out of food animals.

By Consumers Union on Friday, September 13th, 2013

Austin-350Austin, Texas…  city of legendary music, a funky arts scene and smoky barbeque joints.  But it turns out a lot of Austinites these days care deeply about where that pork rib is coming from.    There’s a growing trend among businesses and restaurants to source their meat from ranchers that are local and raise animals humanely without relying on hormones or antibiotics.   Indeed, Austin is home base to  Whole Foods, currently the only national grocery chain committed to selling meat and poultry from animals not administered antibiotics.

On Friday, September 20, Trader Joe’s opens its first Austin-based store, and while most shoppers are enthusiastically welcoming them to town, they also want to see the grocer  stop selling meat and poultry from animals routinely raised on antibiotics.    “Big factory farms rely on antibiotics to make animals grow faster and to compensate for the crowded conditions that can make them vulnerable to disease,” said Pati Jacobs of Bastrop Cattle Company.  ”But there are more humane and sustainable ways to raise healthy livestock without antibiotics.  Trader Joe’s could make a big difference by sourcing its meat from ranchers who don’t rely on antibiotics to keep animals healthy.”

If you agree with Pati (we do!) come on out this week and help send a message to your newest grocery neighbor:   Welcome to Austin, Trader Joe’s… but will y’all finally stop selling meat raised on drugs?

Here’s what you can do!


Join us for a ‘Meat & Greet’
Wednesday, Sept 18
Snack Bar
(1224 So. Congress Ave)
5:30 – 7:30 pm



Come meet other Austinites who care where their food comes from, and hear about our campaign to stop the routine feeding of antibiotics to food animals.   Snacks are on us (veggie options too, promise!).


LizandJoePetition delivery to the new Austin Trader Joe’s
Friday, Sept 20
Mira Vista Plaza in Rollingwood
(at Bee Caves Rd. & Edgegrove Dr.)
8:00 – 11:00 am

You’ve signed the petition (right??) — now help us deliver the signatures!  Thousands of Austin residents are asking Trader Joe’s to stop selling meat raised on antibiotics.   You can drop by anytime that morning, and stay for as long as you’d like.  Look for our signs and our mascot, Joe the Pig!



Can’t make it to either event?  Fear not!  Here are three other ways you can make your voice heard:

  • Sign the petition!  We’ll deliver your message on opening day.
  • Download a flyer!  Put your John Hancock on it, and take it in to Trader Joe’s the next (first?) time you shop.
  • Call TJ’s headquarters.   Tell ’em you’re a shopper at their new Austin store, and you want them to stop selling meat raised on antibiotics.


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