By now, the problems with the rollout of are old news. But while the feds continue to improve the online marketplace, many consumers are turning to other avenues to purchase their new health insurance.

On October 22, Nancy Beigel of Beltsville, Maryland worked with a local navigator to learn about her options and get signed up for health insurance. She qualifies for Medicaid under Maryland’s newly expanded Medicaid program. Thanks to the ACA, Nancy will have access to affordable healthcare for the first time in a decade beginning on January 1.

Nancy is 55-years-old and runs her own small cleaning company, but due to pre-existing conditions and a lack of employer-sponsored insurance she has been uninsured for years. She used to pay for an individual policy, but the price of the policy kept increasing until she was no longer able to afford it.

Nancy is one of many Americans who chose to sign up for health coverage through a route other than In Oregon, for example, the uninsured rate was decreased by 10% in the first two weeks of open enrollment, and phone and paper applications were credited for most of the enrollment.

For those who are looking to sign up for health insurance through the marketplace, you have several options. If you live in a state that chose to run it’s own marketplace, your online marketplace is likely functioning well. is still a viable option to sign up for your health insurance if you live in a state that chose to have the federal government run its marketplace, and kinks will continue to be worked out through the month of November.

You can also apply over the phone using the toll-free call number 1-800-318-2596 or find a navigator near you to help you apply in person by going to

If you are still confused, check out our web tool to get more information about your options at