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By Consumers Union on Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Thousands of Americans are registering for quality, affordable health insurance through the online marketplace. Consumers have until December 23 to enroll in a health plan through their state or federal marketplace to receive health insurance that will begin on January 1, 2014. Open enrollment will continue through the end of March for those who would like their health insurance to begin after January 1.

Consumers Union story sharer Shay Seaborne of Virginia is one of the thousands who has enrolled for health insurance on Shay is the single mom of two college-age daughters. She works full time and makes a decent wage, but her employer does not offer coverage. She has been paying for an individual plan for the past couple of years.

Shay began her application on soon after open enrollment began in October, and received an email inviting her to come back to the website to complete her application a few weeks ago. She finished signing up without a hitch and picked a policy this past weekend. “The new plan has a higher premium than my current policy, but makes up for it with a greatly reduced deductible, as well as better coverage and a network that includes more doctors and facilities,” says Shay. “I am very pleased.”

Shay’s daughter will also be helped through the Affordable Care Act. “With my younger daughter, now 20-years-old, deciding to earn her veterinary technician certificate, which means cutting back on her full-time work hours, I am especially thankful for the ACA,” says Shay. “Thanks to Obamacare, we do not have to worry about her losing all coverage due to a cut back in hours, because she can be added to her father’s plan, which is through his employer.”

While she and her family were reviewing their healthcare options, Shay utilized the new Consumer Reports tool Health Law Helper. You can check out your options at


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