Maine becomes second state to pass GMO labeling law


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By Consumers Union on Friday, January 10th, 2014

MaineGMOYesterday Maine’s Governor signed into law the second GMO labeling bill in the US, after a similar bill was signed in Connecticut in late 2013.

However, both bills contain provisions that prevent the laws from going into immediate effect.   Maine’s bill, for example, requires that five other states pass similar GMO labeling bills, and they must be contiguous (i.e. bordering each other).   This means that New Hampshire, the only state that abuts Maine, must also pass a labeling bill.   The New Hampshire legislature is expected to vote this month.

In Connecticut’s case, the labeling requirement can only kick in after four other states pass GMO labeling bills, one of which must share a border with Connecticut, and the states must have a combined minimum population of 20 million people.

Vermont is also expected to finalize a labeling bill this session.





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