Innovation and Open sourcing: the key to international business success and clean-energy technology is competition


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By Marc Priester on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014


Tesla Motors has carved a very unique niche for their company, as they attempt to be the premier luxury all-electric sports car brand. Now however, anyone can access the technologies that use in their products. The motor company has open sourced the patents for their battery technology in the hopes that it will spur more companies to take up the electric car cause and innovate.

There exists rational business sense to share their patent design. They are hoping that the number of companies creating electric battery recharging stations will increase in frequency as more electric cars are on the road. This would lower the cost of Tesla as being the sole constructor of such places. Moreover, the company hopes that individual innovators of their battery design will feel more inclined to join their company without the fear of having their designs simply gobbled up by a large car corporation.

Tesla is making innovation a business plan rather than a luxury. When companies compete, consumers win. Open sourcing is a fantastic development for the all-electric car market. Car companies will hopefully attempt to improve upon the Tesla battery, improving it with small or drastic changes, and provide better products to consumers. This will result in more choice and less cost for consumers.

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