Good News for Consumers: Fuel Economy Continues Upward March


Senior Policy Counsel, Energy and Environment

By Shannon Baker-Branstetter on Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Today, EPA released its annual fuel economy trends report and there’s lots of good news.  Fuel economy for 2013 cars and trucks hit an all-time high: 24.1 mpg, up .5 mpg from 2012 and building upon improving fuel economy for 8 of the last 9 years.   And while vehicles have gotten slightly heavier and faster, they’re still using less fuel, a sign that new technology is helping deliver no-compromise vehicles.

Some illustrative charts from the EPA report:

                Adjusted CO2 Emissions for MY 1975-20141                     Adjusted Fuel Economy for MY 1975-20141 
Change in Adjusted Fuel Economy, Weight, and Horsepower for MY 1975-2014


EPA notes the majority of the carbon and oil savings from current vehicles is due to new gasoline vehicle technologies.

Technology Production Share for MY 2009 and MY 2014


Consumers are seeing lots more choices with higher fuel economy, in all vehicle classes.

Vehicle Models Meeting Fuel Economy Thresholds in MY 2009 and MY 2014


And more alternative fuel choices:

Advanced Technology and Alternative Fuel Vehicle Models in MY 2009 and MY 2014


And coming in ahead of schedule: many vehicles are already meeting future targets:

MY 2014 Vehicle Production That Meets Future CO2 Emissions Targets

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