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By Maureen Mahoney on Friday, November 14th, 2014

Have you ever wondered why you keep making smart financial decisions, yet your credit score stays the same? Or what to do if you, like one in five Americans, have an error on your credit report? I can answer those questions.

This Sunday, I’ll be at the Art of Financial Well-Being Resource Fair, at San Francisco’s Jewish Community Center on Sunday from 11 to 3, along with anti-scam expert and my fellow CU staffer Christina Tetreault. We are happy to answer your questions about financial products and services, including credit reports and scores.

I’m an expert on how to avoid some of the tricks and traps in the credit score marketplace. Did you know that sometimes, credit bureaus advertise a “free” credit score online, leading customers to inadvertently sign up for credit-monitoring services? Consumers often realize that they’re enrolled in a credit-monitoring program only after finding the bill on their credit or bank account statements.

We can also answer questions about how to get a reliable credit score. Many times, consumers will buy or access their credit scores online for free, but later find that their lender used a different score when considering whether to offer credit for a car, private student loan, or mortgage. Consumers could be denied credit, or end up paying much more in interest than they had planned.

The Art of Financial Well-Being has plenty to offer. Please click here to get all the details. We look forward to seeing you there!

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