Californians: It’s that time of year again

By Geraldine Slevin on Friday, November 14th, 2014

Dreading shopping for health insurance? You’re not alone – research shows most people do. But picking the right health insurance plan for your or your family could be the most important decision you make this year – healthcare is the second biggest expense, after housing, for most families.

Open enrollment this year is November 15th, 2014 through February 15th, 2015. That’s only three months to look at your options and pick a plan. And, if you want to be sure your insurance starts on the first day of 2015, you have to pick your plan and pay for it by December 15th (that’s only a month from now!).

Over the next few weeks, we’ll share a series of blog posts to answer your questions about getting and using health insurance.

Whether you have a Covered California plan, are thinking about whether to buy costly COBRA coverage, are currently uninsured, or just want to shop around to make sure your current plan is the best one for you, now’s the time to look at your options and sign up. Don’t wait! Get started with a visit to California’s health insurance marketplace, Covered California, and check out our California health insurance resource page for easy-to-use tools to help you get the right coverage.

Not in California? Head to our national health insurance resource hub.

And, as always, we want to hear from you about your questions and concerns about signing up for health insurance for 2015: tell us about your experience.

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