No-Merger Contest: We have a winner! (Three of them, in fact)

By Michael McCauley on Friday, November 21st, 2014

As part of our “Stop the Comcast Mega-Merger” campaign, we invited our most active online advocates to put their organizing skills to the test.

The challenge: Five weeks to collect as many written comments as possible opposing the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger. Contestants were placed into one of three categories depending on how many comment cards they submitted, and winners were selected by a drawing from the pool of eligible contestants.

Thanks in part to this effort, CU collected over 50,000 comments that will go to straight to the FCC and send a message that this merger is bad for consumers.

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to all who participated!

If you would like to collect comments against this merger in your community it’s not too late! Contact Christopher at

Meet the winners:

Ciara Preston

Ciara Preston

Ciara Preston, Redwood City, Ca
Gold Winner — $1500 cash award; 1 year Consumer subscription

“Boy was I thrilled when I learned I won the grand prize, although I didn’t do it for a prize. I’m convinced the Comcast Time Warner merger is not beneficial to all of us Internet users.

“I signed up for 100 comment cards. When they arrived, I looked at all of them in the packet & felt overwhelmed. I asked myself, ‘What were you thinking? How can I possibly do this? (I’m almost 70 years old).

“I’d go down to my local Safeway each night to ask strangers to sign. I’d ask for a moment of their time and assure them I wasn’t selling anything, so they listened.
I was shocked to discover 95% of those I asked knew nothing about the merger & proposed rule changes.  Because I felt so enthusiastic about it, lots of people chose to sign one and I eventually turned in over 100 cards.”

“Mission Accomplished!”

* * *
Victoria Lepore

Victoria Lepore

Victoria Lepore, Yonkers, NY
Silver Winner — $500 cash award, 1 year Consumer subscription

“I am currently a senior at Sarah Lawrence College in NY where I collected the majority of the comments for this contest.  I strongly believe we have to stop this merger in its tracks. And the key word there is ‘we’ — you and I.

“In spite of my cynicism about our politics, our activism sends a message to big companies that we are paying attention. Consumers Union is our vehicle but it’s up to us to have hope, get in the driver’s seat, and get on the road.

“If you haven’t already, I urge everyone reading this to go out to your community and collect public comments opposing the merger so we can deliver them to the FCC. The more people who know about this merger, the more who will rise up to stop it and the more likely we will win. If you want to collect comments, contact Christopher at nomerger at”

* * *
Kerry Lohr

Kerry Lohr

Kerry Lohr, Seattle, WA
Bronze winner — $250 cash award, 1 year Consumer subscription

“I teach Tai Chi and tutor students in math and science, and I am the public policy chair for my local branch of the American Association of University Women.

“One day an email came from Consumers Union and it intrigued me. Why? Because it was encouraging me to get others involved in the fight against the proposed Comcast/Time-Warner Cable merger.

“Power to the People! If we all take a bit of time to get involved, to take action, to sign petitions, it can make a difference. I believe that.”

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