Good news for victims of “Rachel from Cardholder Services” scam


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By Maureen Mahoney on Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

How many times have you picked up the phone, only to find “Rachel from Cardholder Services” on the other end? We bet you’ve spoken to her more times than you’d like to admit.

Rachel is part of a scam to steal your money. Her recorded voice offers to lower your credit card interest rates – but later in the call, customers are asked for an up-front payment. Countless consumers have been affected by this scam. Jill from Cobden, IL says:

“I work at home. Robocalls interrupt my work with my students. I need to be able to receive calls from students so it is not as simple as leaving the phone off the hook. I would like Rachel at Card Services to never call me again. I pay no interest, she cannot lower my interest, please make her stop. . . . Maybe Rachel or Ann would like to try getting the student with a particularly short attention span back on task after the lesson has been needlessly interrupted.”

There’s good news on the way for at least some of the consumers who have been impacted by this scam: The FTC will be sending checks for $42.95 each to 16,590 victims. It’s releasing these checks as a part of its November 2013 settlement with several entities who have engaged in this illegal behavior.

We appreciate that the FTC is making some companies pay for harassing consumers, and that some consumers will enjoy a little compensation. But it’s not enough. We want the phone companies to take immediate steps to stop these scammy robocalls now. The technology is available to take quick action on this issue. But so far, many of them haven’t shown enough initiative on blocking robocalls.

Please click here to take action, and add your voice to the thousands of consumers who have demanded that the phone companies make a real change.

We want to hear from you – tell us about the calls you’ve received from robots like Rachel here!

245 responses to “Good news for victims of “Rachel from Cardholder Services” scam”

  1. Fuck. Rachel. From card holder services. Fuck that stupid foreign call center india bullshit. Stop fucking calling me. Fuck you! Fuck. I hope Rachel and the owner of card holder services drive off a cliff into a firey death

  2. Donna Hopkins says:

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  5. Alex says:

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  6. MIchael says:

    Four or Five calls every day trying to give me a security system. So sick of it.

    At least this guy is trying a new tactic to fight back. hahahah:

  7. Richard Lavecchia says:

    Why does anyone answer these calls?
    It is never to your advantage!
    Stop being played for fools!

    Pick up the phone and hang up immediately and please don’t expect anyone else to help you – not your phone company – not your government. Maybe one day America WILL become great again. But you have to stop relying on others to make that happen.

  8. Richard says:




  9. David Spector says:

    At least a third of the US population wants less government regulation, including President Trump. So, there is a good chance that the little that the FTC does will stop, and no new initiatives to stop scammers will be allowed. I hope that third of the population will be happy they got what they wanted: lots more Cardholders Services robocalls.

    • chaddercheeze says:

      hardly a good enough reason to keep the FCC and its huge bureaucracy employed.

    • Sue says:

      I am still getting these phone calls and they are now using local phone numbers to scam and phish. Why is it that this company is not being put out of business for good?

      • Steve says:

        Here is what I learned. The cardholder services scam is never a company. This is a crime trend involving crooks who try to appear as a department in your credit card company when they don’t even know the name yet. They are seeking information and they can play little games like verify account, check for correct card delivered, resolve an error of charges to your account. This is a trick to get you to deliver personal information which can be more than a credit card number. You won’t see the same phone number on caller ID because they are spoofed and there are multiple of scam operations calling from all over the world. If someone says they are cardholder services, they will always be a attempt at crime. hang up and report them to the FTC with the caller ID info. Block the number. They trick consumers into giving information that might not even be related to a credit card number. Each incident will be a new party seeking information, not some company calling again and again.

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  11. Mike Davis says:

    I have been complaining about Rachel for years. Several times I have kept the telemarketer on the line for over an hour providing fake credit card numbers and other distractions only telling them afterwards to stop calling me or I would keep this up. They never stop calling. I block every call I get using the Verizon block call feature, but they change numbers every month. I have changed my phone number but I believe they collect numbers from fake Craigslist ads, because after changing my number I answered an ad (that never replied to me about the used car I wanted to purchase) but then the calls started again. There activity is completely illegal, why can’t the FBI shut them down?

    • Anonymous says:

      They use call spoofing so how would that work?

    • Luann Sip says:

      With all the complaints on this site, I don’ t understand either why this can’t be stopped. I’ve had 4 calls in 3 days from this site and even though I keep ‘blocking number’, they change the number and keep calling.

      • David Spector says:

        If you truly don’t understand why robocallers can’t be stopped, you haven’t read the comments here. This article should be improved to explain random Caller ID.

        Stopping robocalls requires government action and changes to the law, in coordination with new technology. No one is going to pay for all this, especially our new “everyone for himself” presidential administration that you may have voted for.

        • MeMe says:

          This< "Rachel" calling crap was going on waaaay before the Trump administration! So until you know what you are talking, blame it on the Obama administration! That's when I started receiving all the call!

  12. Anonymous says:

    This news story IS TOTAL BULLSHIT. The FCC has NEVER sent out any checks to anyone – and if they had I should have gotten one since I’ve been a victim of these calls for over 15 years and have reported them 100s of times to the FCC and the FTC WHO HAVE DONE NOTHING TO STOP THESE CALLS. I still get these calls about 5 times a week (down from about 50 a week)! The way I reduced these calls – I joined If everyone joins and reports the numbers used by these scammers, their calls will be blocked for all of us.

    • Brion Bell says:

      Actually, as of June, 2016, the FTC along with Pam Bondi, has taken SOME action. I don’t know if it will be enough since I just got one of the calls. However, it is an organization in Orlando, Florida, one “Life Management Services of Orange County, LLC, phone number is (657) 464-4823, and they are located at 12001 Science DR. STE 125, right there in Orlando, 32826-2916. I’m thinking that maybe some of you might call them, or if you’re in the area, drop by and ‘chat’ with them for awhile. Don’t go ‘postal’ inside their office though, it’s not worth that.

    • Anonymous says:

      They use call spoofing to show a false number so how would that work?

  13. Carl says:

    One possibility is to take up a collection and offer it as a reward for information on where the caller offices are located. I’m sure former employees of card holder services would be eager to be the first.

  14. Thomas Currie says:

    Article was right about “Rachel from Cardholder Services” being a scam that has gone well beyond just being an annoyance, but the article is total BS when it comes to “Good News” — in a hear and a half since this article was published nothing has changed, “Rachel” and “Bridget” are still making daily robocalls to millions of people (most of whom are on the totally useless No Call lists invented by the FTC to placate politicians without actually doing anything). Every call uses a spoofed Caller ID number, in violation of FCC regulations. Because they use a new spoofed number for every call, blocking doesn’t work and neither do services like NoMoRobo that the media is so in love with. It is amazing that various government agencies repeatedly claim to be doing something about robocalls but they cannot manage to find and prosecute the single largest violator in the country. If our federal agencies were half as smart as the scammers running Cardholder Services we would have a much better government.

  15. Mark Romo says:

    By now almost everyone with a phone and a computer knows that anyone from “Card Services” is just trying to get your credit card number. I enjoy toying with them, just now i made them sit on hold for 4min 28 seconds because I was “driving” and needed to get off the next exit. I cant believe Rachel hung up on me, rude

  16. Kimberly D. says:

    Not that it helps to add to this list (especially since this list is a year and half old) but NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!
    Like everyone else here, I get these calls every day. On my home phone and NOW on my cell!
    Not sure why Carmen robot stopped calling me – but my new idiot is Rachel robot.
    So frustrating that it can’t be dealt with!

  17. BJ says:

    After I don’t know how many of hundreds of these calls over he years I decided to have fun with them. When Bridget or Rachel or Carmen calls me I’ve done this:
    Pretend I am an old lady and talk really slow and have them to repeat things and compliment them for wanting to help. When they ask for my credit card number I tell them ‘I don’t have it on me. It’s in my purse.’ They tell me to get it and I tell them to hold on while I go get it. I moan and groan like I am old and in pain and then go away a bit and make noise like I am looking for something. Then I come back and apologize for taking so long and then go through my purse to get my fake wallet. Then I tell them I have it . . .but no that’s not it. It must be in my other purse. I apologize again. They are sooo nice and patient.

    I get up again and moan and groan in fake pain and get my other purse. I get my ‘card’ but need my glasses to read it . . then finally read a fake number. but it isn’t good so they ask me to repeat the number. . .

    I forget what else I did. Once I said I had more than one card and the person said they had to get their ‘manager’ or whatever he called the guy. I strung him along for a while until he caught on and started cursing me out. I said “your momma” and he hung up.

    It can be so frustrating, but when I waste their time it makes me feel better. In fact I have a good laugh. I look forward to the next call.

    • Erin says:

      I just got off the phone with one of these guys. I get these calls multiple times every single day. Much worse than what I’ve read on here. One time the guy cussed me out so bad and screamed at me and told me he was going to put me on every call list he could. I now believe him cause the calls for so frequent I can’t even believe it. I’ve talked to friends who told me they’d leave you alone if you say you’re underage- so this time told them I was 16 and didn’t have a credit card. Sounded as naive aspossible and then the guy asked me if I was alone; specifying alone in the house. Asked me if I was single- do I have a boyfriend? Do I “like” anybody? Went on as I played dumb. Then my pretend mother got on the phone and asked what was going on. “Richard” who is “almost 18” just wants to talk to my daughter, he got her phone number from “Josh Baggins.” He knows her from school. I asked what he wanted to talk to her about and he told me that it’s personal. (Like any mother would entertain this for a fraction of the time I did!) Luckily I’m in my 30’s. I don’t have any kids, but this was SUPER disturbing. He was so persistent and creepy. He absolutely believed he was talking to a mother and daughter. This “card Services” call stuff isn’t just annoying, it’s dangerous and scary.

  18. Sean m says:

    I have contacted the FCC numerous times and they have told me they’re is nothing they can do. I get between 1 too 5 calls a day from them. It’s so bad I’m about to change the phone number I’ve had for about 20 years.

    There is no way to get them to put you on a do not call list. If you ask them to, they hang up on you. If you all them any questions, they hang up on you.

    So now I just accept talking to a person and then pretend to have credit card debt by answering their questions. My rationale is that I’ll start wasting their time, which costs them money.

  19. A. King says:

    I called the number back (608-312-3610) over and over until someone answered. The man didn’t seem to know about his number being used as a robo dial number. Either he’s the scammer or a victim of caller ID number fraud, which is it?

    • A Hut says:

      The phone number that appears on your caller id is fake. Every time these people call its from a different number. I’ve even had it show up as calls from my friends and neighbors, and one time they even used MY phone number. Imagine getting a call from your own number! Because the number is fake or spoofed, there is no way to call them back. All you will reach is the real person that owns that phone number. This is one of the ways they hide from law enforcement.

  20. I love Carmen says:

    I ended up actually talking with Carmen and we hit it off, we are going to get married as soon as she takes care of my debt.

    See some good has come from all of this harassment!

  21. Joseph Krepka says:

    Every time they call I press #1. Wait till they answer and I blow a air horn in there ear. Haha jokes on them.!!!!!!!!

  22. Steve says:

    …. and btw – this isn’t good news for consumers – they are still running their scam after many years. The FTC is worthless as tits on a bull.

  23. Steve says:

    these a**hats have been calling me for years – even though I opted onto the DNC in 2009. Everytime they call I remove my number too – put these fucks in jail.

  24. Carol says:

    Once I was sitting waiting for a friend and received the call on my cell. So after I got a live person, I said yes, I’d love to lower my interest rate, and when they asked for my credit card number (because they want to lower your rate but they don’t even know if you even have a card), I made up a number. Of course they couldn’t verify it, and when they asked me again I made up another number (I couldn’t remember the one I just gave them); when they couldn’t verify it again, I got tired of playing and told them that I made it all up. If you have no problem wasting my time I’ll go ahead and waste yours too.

    Most of the time I just hang up. If you answer it triggers MORE calls…

    • A Hut says:

      I tried this game with them also. I had a piece of paper ready, with all the information they asked for. It was all fake of course, and the game was to see how long you could get them to stay on the line. After about two weeks of calls everyday, I’d start telling them that we would play the game the next day. For some odd reason, THEY STOPPED CALLING ME. A year later, the calls began again and haven’t stopped since.

  25. Clarence Thomas jr says:

    About a year ago card holders would call almost every day for a long time for months it finally stopped sometimes they would call two or three times a day well they started again today. I even told them I didn’t even have a card they didn’t care I wish I could get my hands on one of them

  26. Regina Rivera says:

    Just received a call at 6:08 a.m. PST. When I answered and pressed one I asked the person if they knew it was 6:00 in the morning? He told me no and hung up on me after I told him to never call me again. Not Rachel, but card services

  27. J Collier says:

    Just got one from these jokers from a FEDERAL phone number. Took the time to research, call the office that had the number spoofed, reported it to Naval Command (was a reserve command center that was spoofed), and was told that they were getting a lot of people reporting that their number was being used. Now that the feds are being spoofed and made to look bad they might take an interest in stopping these idiots.

  28. Linda says:

    Today I received calls from both Rachel and Carmen at Cardholder Services. I just immediately hang up and move on, no sense ruining my mood when a shrug will do. Trying to talk to a human to elicite shame is like trying to teach a pig to sing: it wastes your time and annoys the pig.

  29. Patrick Brase says:

    Connie, from Card Holder Svc. Called once again today! At least one call per day, sometime 3-4. If the Feds can catch “El Chapo” why can’t Stop the B.S. on the Phone????? I tried to recall the number, disconnected………..

  30. HJT says:

    We get these calls every day and from different numbers. Today the CID said from Reardon Michigan, but had local area code and number. I asked him to stop calling, but he laughed and said he had a right per the credit agreement I signed. I told him I’d report him, and he laughed again and threatened to post my phone number (he read my number back to me) on a few choice online message boards.

  31. Dave says:

    Is there a practical way to block these calls?

    • A Hut says:

      Since they make up fake numbers that show up on the caller id, and every call has a different number, it’s practically impossible to block them using a scheme based on phone numbers.

  32. Brian says:

    I love the people who act like if they say something mean to these callers, its going to make them feel bad..or remove you from the list…or rethink their life. these people are 1000x nastier than you could ever be, and they’re getting cussed out 1000x a day. and the blowing a whistle isnt doing anything much like someone else said, the decibells are reduced on their end.

    • Brian says:

      yes, exactly. this is what they do

    • Paul Simon says:

      Shouldn’t fucking matter you asshats call me and waste my time and LIE to me so why can’t I be mean???? Calling me from another personal persons number so we can’t call then back is bullshit!!! First I say I would be better if I didn’t get a call from you, his reply is fuck you motherfucker stop fucking bothering me at my job I hope you die!!!!!!! And we are wrong for getting upset???? Fuck that foreign piece of shit and come say it to my face loser ass bitch big guy on the other side of the phone

  33. Joseph Stupakiewicz says:




    • Avery Zales says:

      Hey, PISSED OFF CONSUMER. When you say “someone” should protect you from these assholes, the “someone” is YOUR government, which is doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it. They are worthless piece of #$%$ bunch of no-good legislators who are as bad as “Rachel” herself. Where is the FTC or FCC in all of this???? They are as complicit in this as the actual perpetrators. I hope they all rot in h3ll.

    • Vicki Simpson says:

      I finally read about spoofing your own phone #..I have received 2 calls from myself and my phone #..wondered for a moment if I had wondered into the Twilight Zone. Anyway, I have adopted a no answer system…I don’t answer if caller ID name and number are ones I don’t recognize. If it’s someone I know, they will gladly leave a message. I find more and more people I know do that. Of course, there are exceptions but I have much more peace of mind doing this.

  35. bob k says:

    I love Nomorobo, but Cardmember Services is spoofing local numbers now. I don’t want to hurt the innocent; all I can do is block the number on my phone.
    I just got two calls within the hour. One was supposedly from a local dentist’s office, and the other from a pharmacist’s house about a half mile away. Last year and the year before they were spoofing a local florist.
    Usually the phone number is on the Caller ID. Other times it’s “Unavailable.” The last time it was “Jordan R.”

  36. James says:

    I use to create a random profile, which includes a SSN and credit card number. The numbers will show up as valid, but they are unusable. The SSN will not match the name on the profile. You will be given a lot of information to convince the person on the phone that you are legitimate. They will invariably come back to you and tell you the card is not valid. They will ask what bank. Don’t give them the name of a bank. Tell them the card is solid black (or solid grey or whatever). They will ask for a number. Give the generic numbers for Mastercard (1-800-307-7309) or Visa (1-800-847-2911).

    Waste their time; the more people who do this, the more they lose money trying to scam. When it becomes unprofitable, they will stop.

  37. Bill C says:

    Maybe TRUMP will have an answer!!! The BOZOS that we have running the country now don’t seem to care! SOMEONE needs to LOSE THEIR JOB over getting to the bottom of this relentless harassment! I bet ya 70% of the US today wants this CRAP to stop! PLEASE STOP THIS INSAME HARASSMENT!

    • Jon Dough, the baker's bastard says:

      Donald Drumpf (original family name) couldn’t find his ass with both hands and a flashlight. Most of the businesses he’s tried to start ended up bankrupt.

      There’s really nothing serious that you can do about robocalls, but there are a couple ways to mitigate the amount of time you waste.
      Don’t answer anything you don’t recognize and make sure your voicemail message instructs callers to leave a return number. Add them to your contacts so you recognize their calls in the future.
      If you can, get a phone number with an area code which isn’t actually local. In recent years, the scammers often spoof numbers with the same area code as yours, hoping to trick you into thinking they’re a local friend or business. If your cell area code isn’t actually local or from a region you might expect to get calls, you’re less likely to answer by accident.

      Anything which involves answering is basically useless.
      Trying to waste their time only wastes your own and doesn’t significantly affect the scam company. Since they’re not providing any value or product, they’re using VOIP, and the agents only paid when they successfully scam someone, the company has no significant overhead costs. Rage at them or string them along if you find that entertaining, but don’t expect it to cost anyone but that one individual agent and yourself.
      Blowing a whistle or horn isn’t likely to hurt them either. Speakers have limits to the decibels they can produce, so while it may annoy the agent, they must deal with annoyance constantly. You’re affecting your own ears more than theirs, since you aren’t protected by a speaker with a volume cap.

      • Don says:

        Your comment on D.trump is one of ignorance…”most of the businesses he’s tried to start ended up bankrupt.” You really should stick to info you know something about ..which I assume would be rainbow flags and hamsters Mr Dough. Or Mr DUH!

      • Ballsack69fart says:

        Both hands AND a flashlight? If he was using both hands to find his ass how in Christ’s name is he holding the flashlight? I bet you’re voting for Killary

        • techie tutor says:

          Your user name indicates you are as repulsive, odious and execrable as the sorry excuse for a man you are defending. Of course you would like him.

  38. Bee says:

    I am SO sick and tired of getting these calls from “Rachel at Cardholder Services.” I only get them on my cellphone. I have blocked calls from almost every state in the US, and even my own number appears. I’ve also pressed the number for talking to a live person and asking them to remove me from the list since I pay off my credit card every month and they hang up in my face every time. I’ve pressed the number for being removed from the list, and on and on I could go. I’m sick of it! If we can send a man to the moon, surely someone can get the idiots that are doing this!

  39. Me says:

    I just received one spoofed with my own number as the Caller ID.

    Thanks Rachel, I can’t block that one. Heh

  40. roger says:

    I received these calls from card services for about four years. I finally bought a program that can block then by both name and number. It also sends the number to the data bank of the company I am using and it blocks the call for all the other users that belong to this service. The calls have finally stopped all together. I don’t know if they gave up on me or if my blocking company has them blocked completely. I haven’t received a call from card services now for almost six months. I do get the occasional call from other people like fire fighters union etc. But I block them myself manually. It has been so long since I had a call Rachel that I thought the government finally shut them down.

  41. Mke says:

    I have blocked literally hundreds of incoming numbers from “Briget” at card holder services, but they keep calling. Do they think that after years of harassing me and getting blocked that suddenly i will change my mind and send them money? It seems the whole purpose is intentional harassment. PLEASE MAKE THESE PEOPLE GO AWAY.

  42. Tiben says:

    Many times after telling the “representative… “I do not have a credit card. I have no business with your company. Stop calling me.”

    The “representative” says to me… “Go f**k yourself. Go f**k yourself. Go f**k yourself. Go f**k yourself. Go f**K yourself.”

  43. John says:

    What Barry said is correct: if the US government is able to “track and listen in on our allies as well as our enemies,” why the heck can’t it shut down these scammers? That should be child’s play from the government’s standpoint.

  44. The owners of this company are out of Arizona. They have been busted in the past.

    Link to the article from 2012

  45. grumpy says:

    I get calls from Rachel all the time. I would love to find out who the asshole is that is running this scam. I have a shotgun that would fit right up their ass and blow their body apart.

  46. Shawn says:

    I have tried and tried and I am tired of cardholder services. I have called the government on them, yelled into the phone at them act like I’m having a total meltdown and they still call almost daily. How can I get some of this money. I want to stick it to them for wasting so much of my time…..

  47. Uncle Dan says:

    Spell check error – it should read the calls finally stopped (not start)

  48. Uncle Dan says:

    Folks you have to understand that these companies are not using a phone company to make these calls. They are using VOIP and spoofing regular phone numbers that appear as a business or person. Phone spoofing software can be bought by you as well easily for even your cell phone. I am no longer getting any of these because i bought a cordless panasonic phone for my landline that gives you the option to block the number after you hang up. It took about 8 months of blocking but they finally start. The other thing i do is first shame them like “does your mother know you are doing this illegal activity? Do your friends know what you do? If youeed help finding a real job give me your name and number and i will sincerely help you.” That usually makes the decent ones hang up. The bad ones i give very very graphic very bad feedback as in treating them like the worst phone sex. The calls no longer come in. The calls cant be traced using voip and the phone company wont help. I think they are getting info from cc companies so maybe approach them as to who they release info to.

  49. Estelle says:

    they are using carmen as the name that has called me for 3 yrs. now, have done everything listed above as far as DNCL and FCC/who told me this scam was coming from Africa and they have been unable to stop them, also contacted my land line ph. co who said they could do nothing. Dncl is a waste of time. i do not want the expense of having caller I.D. as can see above it has not really helped. i have dialed Star 69 twice, one # was a porno no. the other was the NDNCL/Natl Do Not Call List, these calls cost $2.25 per call after you call so many you get the next free!!!!!!!!! not sure how many you get free though. More then anything i beleive these people are not nice at all and the harassment is awful, you do not even want to ans. your ph. there is no doubt in my mind that they will be caught and put in prison, may be their punishment will be to listen to these calls all day with no way to disconnect the calls then they will know how horrible this is. there is a lawyer that handles these kinds of cases online however you have to have legitimate no’s and believe once they would be caught it is $500. per call to the perpetrator i did not have legit no’s so he would not take it. these people know how to cover their tracks. they will be caught.

    Best of Luck to all of you.

  50. Rick M. says:

    Even keeping them on the line with phoney CC numbers is a waste. They know your name and access your family names. I have done everything including threatening pipe bombs with the hope they will report me (fat chance) and these POS types will be in the open. I have no problem with the FTC investing a billion on so to track them down and let Black Ops do what should be done.

    In the meantime, the option is NOMOROBO which my carrier (Verizon) does not support. I got the typical corporate BS on why and told them each call I will take off a buck or better yet drag them somehow into small claims. The other option is enough Verizon customers filing a class action. Bad enough you deal with the scum, but when you provider turtles that is just too much.

    • Nancy says:

      I like the idea of filing a class action against Verizon to stop these calls. I work from home and they are disruptive to say the least. If I added up my time spent taking these calls and charged by hourly rate we would have some serious “damages”. We need to find an attorney to take this on contingency.

    • Joe Bacarella says:

      Sorry Dude…when you last renewed your contract you specifically agreed you would NEVER file a Class Action Suite against Verizon but would instead submit your claim to arbitration. Read what you sign BEFORE you sign.

  51. Gary Meeker says:

    Caller id spoofing is exploiting a feature provided by the phone companies yet they have made no effort to stop it. A class action duit needs to filed against the phone companies for failing to protect their subscribers and enable scammers to continue these ploys.

    • Griffin says:

      I’ve tried everything. Only a class action suit against the FTC gets anything done.

      Government agencies that don’t do their jobs can be sued.

      Find a lawyer and sue the FTC.

  52. John S says:

    Check out If you have VOIP type phone service, which many people do (FIOS, Comcast and many cable companies), you can set it so that robocalls ring once and stop. It is free and it works great!

  53. Dan Campbell says:

    I press 1 to talk to a rep and then don’t say anything. Waste my time I’ll waste your time.

    • Deb says:

      What I did was press 1 and wait for someone to come on the line
      Then I pick up my handy dandy whistle and blow as loud as I can into the receiver. I have been getting far fewer calls from them and last time the person didn’t even speak to me ,

      • Derrick says:

        Now THIS is the greatest idea that I’ve seen, and will be my next manner of dealing with these people. I have pressed “3” to not receive further calls, about 27 times, and that doesn’t work. I have waited on the line for an operator, only to demand the calls stop, before being hung up on and continuing to get the calls.

        Its time for action. That time is now. Going to Walmart to get a whistle.

  54. ed says:

    Lsst time they called i asked to speak with Bridget. The guy said
    they had fired her. I told him too bad cause she has a really
    sexy voice. I wanted to see if she wanted to come over
    and polish my knob. Needless to say he hung up quickly

    • Bob D. says:

      I did the same thing yesterday when I received the call from Bridget, I pressed one to speak to a live person and when they got on I asked if I could speak to Bridget because I think she has a very sexy voice when she calls, the guy hung up on me immediately. I couldn’t stop laughing.

  55. Julie S says:

    I like to get them on the line and blow a whistle in their ear.

  56. Annie says:

    Every time I get one of these calls I block the number and the next day I get it again. I’ve probably blocked at least 2 dozen phone numbers from this scam but I just keep getting calls. At least 3/4 of the time it is from what appears to be a local phone number. I run a small business and can’t afford to not answer my phone in case it’s a client. I waste a lot of time answering calls from scammers.

  57. Julie says:

    I have been getting Robocalls from Rachel via local phone numbers that “Rachel” has hacked. I hung up on the Robocalls today and then dialed back. The number was for a local medical office.

  58. Nick says:

    You can’t beat them but you can make it more miserable for them! Clog up their phone lines and system.

    Press 1 (or whatever they require) and then set the phone down. Don’t talk with them. Then hang up after they hang up on you. If you want to be nice, put the phone in front of the radio or TV speaker so they have something to listen to.

    I’ve done this for a while and I do believe they are calling less. More like once a week instead of multiple per day.

  59. Lynn says:

    I have gotten literally DOZENS of calls from various names at “Cardholder Services”, all from different phone numbers. On my cell phone. Aren’t cell phones supposed to be exempt from robocalls? Each time, I block the number, but they call from a different number every time, so that’s not very useful.

    Why can’t someone do something about these companies!?!?!?

  60. Robert B says:

    I’ve been receiving these calls for years, I try the remove number option and it won’t work, I’ve tried asking them,to remove my number they just hang up. The caller I’d always shows random numbers and from all over but most are from my area code but if you try to call them back it just goes to random people’s voicemails. I sleep during the day and work at night and have kids in school so I can’t turn off my phone. I get woken up at least 2 to 3 times daily from this. I’m sick and litteraly tired of this.

  61. Adam F says:

    I received a robo call on my cell from “Rachel at Cardholder Services” today (2/11/16 at 11:18 AM CST). I answered the number because caller ID indicated it was coming from the same cell number as my own. I filed a complaint on the FTC website, however, the form error’d out because you can’t submit the “Company Number” as the same as your own, so I had to resubmit it leaving that field blank. Hope they nail these guys.

    If you receive a similar call, I suggest you also file an FTC complaint online here:

  62. robert says:

    today i received a call from cardholder services from “rachel” i have had these calls b/4 they start by saying your credit is good but we will lower your costs…
    i just hang up they s/b in jail for trying to dupe people out of their money..
    their number does not show up but my # does.
    i am on the do not call list it does not seem to matter.
    beware of these scammers

  63. Frank GW says:

    Look out Northern Nevada, they are starting again. Someone spoofed my number.

  64. What’s anyone think…they’re “authorized” Homeland Security, taking voice imprints for “that future database.” You may have a record – that traffic ticket once upon a time, and well, that’s tough for you now…. They want you on the database.

    They’re – if so – then essentially taking your DNA sample every day in your own living room.

    If they ever discover this, I predict Snowden’ll be president shortly!

  65. Jeffrey says:

    Today I received a phone call from this number chaining to be a cardholder services. So I took the call and waited to the person to come on the line, and that’s when I took a blow horn and blew into the phone to blow their ear drums out. Maybe after that they’ll get the hint NOT TO CALL MY F@#$%?* PHONE!!!!!!

  66. jodee betts says:

    rachel from card holder services call me everyday, I hit the number three for them to stop, but they call back on another number. I have no credit cards and because of this i would never get one.
    short list


  67. BUbba says:

    Ask for Dexter every time they call.

    They call every day. One time the guy says his name is Dexter. I keep him on the line until the credit card number comes up invalid – duh! Then he starts calling me names so I start taking dirty back to him. After calling me a few more names, he hangs up to move on to his next mark.

    Next day Bridget from card holder services calls again. I ask for Dexter. they put me through to him! I continue the nasty conversation he started with me the last time. He calls me a few names and hangs up.

    Next day Bridget calls again. I ask for Dexter. He’s not in this time. I ask to leave a message. “Sure” says today’s scammer. I say, tell Dexter I am coming to get him. She calls me a name and hangs up.

    Ask for Dexter every time they call.

  68. Darrell says:

    I’ve just finished reading about 100 of the replies/responses regarding “Card Holder Services”.
    We also get calls – About 4 to 6 per day. Telling them that you have “No.Credit Cards” doesn’t work. They’ll just hang up, calling back, over and over – like you’ve magically received some new high APR Card.
    So, after months of pleading, begging, cursing, threats, hanging up and not even answering my own, Comcast issued, land line*.
    (* Instead, allowing my Fax Machine to pick it up for about 1 week). Which did nothing, except lose calls I’m sure I wanted.
    Today, 01/28/2016, I decided I’d go ahead and play their game. Maybe I could get a call back number that way, some type of Backdoor, in which I would then have a way to report them.
    So, after pressing # 1 and being told that I was caller #58, I waited patiently. . . (Enter Jeopardy Music Here). . .

    Moquishia answered firmly, asking, “Do you have credit card debt over $2,000.00”? Yes, I quipped. “Is your interest rate over 9%”? Yes, again I replied. And I added, “I’ve got 3 credit cards, 1 with a 19% rate, 1 has a variable rate and 1 had an intro APR of 5%, but ends next week”.
    She Hung Up On Me!
    I’m guessing she smelled something cooking and it wasn’t in her sweat-shop?
    These people are using ROBO-DIALERS. It isn’t your phone provider giving out your number. There’s no Great AT & T Conspiracy going on between Credit Card Services and them, or, any other Telecommunications provider.
    Keeping them busy, or setting your phone to the side so they waste their time isn’t going to change anything or cause any difference in their phone bill! (Who though that one up? Come on).
    These people deal with Volume and Numbers.

    One of the responses I read, came very close to the answer, for everyone’s relief and removal of these annoying calls. What is it?

    Someone mentioned a device which answers the phone, recognizing whether, or not, it’s a real person or computer generated.

    He was unsure if these are available? Guess what?
    They are! ! !

    First, let me explain that their are 2 different types.
    Both are for Home Use Only, Not Cellular; sorry. I’m unaware of any product that works with cell phones?
    (Land Line phone service only)…

    Both of the devices I’ll describe for you do not require any batteries. They use the power provided by the low voltage phone lines already in the home. And, No subscription and No additional fees are needed for either type described below.

    1). MANUAL INPUT: These blocking type devices run between 10.00 and 50.00
    These are more commonly known as “Blacklist Blockers”.
    Caller I. D. Is Required.
    These typically hold/store between 1,000 and 2,000 numbers which “You Select” to be held internally, by the press of a button.

    NOTE: Probably won’t do much good with fraud people like “CREDIT CARD SERVICES”, Since they’ve got the ability to manipulate the Caller ID? Changing their number(s) whenever they feel like it.

    2). AUTOMATIC OPERATION: This device also connects using the phone line provided by your carrier, (, landline only). However, if you’ve got 2 or more phones on the same line, these devices work for all phones. As it uses the line, not the individual phones.
    I’m not sure how these work, but here are the claims. And, the reviews are Strong!

    NOTE: No caller ID is required, but, it would be a good idea, since this device has No Screen to know who’s calling!

    COST? $42.00 up to $75.00

    MANUFACTURER? TeleZapper TZ900


    SOLD BY: Most of them I’ve seem are offered by, but, Ebay also has them. What doesn’t Ebay have? Right…

    PRO’S: Works 90% of the time. Cheap, Easy to Install.

    CON’S: The TeleZapper is designed to “zap” calls made by “Predictive Dialer Computers” by doing two things: First, by disconnecting predictive-dialed calls before you can be connected to a live telemarketer and second, by deleting your phone number from telemarketing computer lists. Whether the TeleZapper will affect computer-dialed calls from other sources depends on the type of computer equipment being used and how that equipment is programmed. Therefore, it may also “zap” calls from other organizations that use predictive dialer computers, such as charitable organizations, blood banks, public safety and service organizations, market researchers, opinion and political pollsters, and academic institutions.

    Many organizations and communities do not rely entirely on computerized calling systems to reach you. Most have secondary means in place to contact or notify people with important information. These organizations can always contact you by simply dialing your phone number manually. Manually dialed calls will not be zapped. As such, you can contact organizations to determine if they use predictive dialers and, if so, to ask that your phone number be manually dialed or that alternate means be used in order to contact you.

    Finally, during times of severe weather or at any time that important public emergency notifications might be received, you can quickly and easily disconnect your TeleZapper to allow all calls, including those placed by computerized dialers, to be successfully completed.

    FTC Information. . .

    There’s also a FREE LIST that’s published and provided by FTC, Federal Trade Commission. Contact them for the latest information on Phone scams, Frauds being used currently and a pretty good list of all numbers the Bad People are using.

    I hope that I’ve been able to shed some Light on this subject?
    I hope I’ve been able to help 1 person. And, I hope we can put these bad people in Prison, sooner than later.

    Thanks for reading my long post.

    Darrell, in Livermore, CA.

  69. Nick says:

    My two favorite things to do are:
    – Press the number to connect you and then put the phone on the table and waist their time answering blank calls
    – Asking them “Would your mother be proud of you if she knew what you do?” and be prepared for an ear-full

  70. Kevin says:

    Rachel is now Bridget… 11:30ish every day. It’s a scam.

    I would really like to call my first daughter Bridget but if this keeps up, It’s not going to happen.

    • Josh P says:

      For me it’s Sarah. I’ve had Racheal in the past, but the last dozen times it’s been Sarah. Filed numerous complaints with the but that entity must have no teeth. Every call I’ve received in the last week has been a different spoofed number, never the same one twice. They are calling a phone I use for work, so I can’t just ignore it. Almost every day, twice a day sometimes. It’s driving me crazy.

  71. Sandra says:

    Between Credit Card Services(Florida) and Windows (India) they are the worst. I have done everything possible to get them to quit calling my house that includes reporting the numbers. The Government does nothing to help so what are they getting paid for because so far I’m still getting calls. I feel I should be compensated when they are taken to court for all the phone calls I get every day. I think every phone number that is given out should be regulated so these types of phone calls don’t happen and when they do they can put these worthless scumbags in prison.

  72. Craig says:

    I got called for the 20th time today I pushed one to talk kept the guy on phone asking tons of questions and finally said I don’t have credit card only pre paid. He said fuck you and called me many names I can’t list here and then told me he was cancelling my poor paid card. They say they are on a recorded line. I called back to bitch and talk to the supervised and guess what it was the same guy and he had used his own personal phone so now out of boredom I dial privately all hours of the night to wake him up.

  73. Julie says:

    I’ve used an air horn (from the dollar store) to blast them with. Gave me all kinds of satisfaction until one called back and threatened me. Then I called the police. Of course, nothing can be done about it. Haven’t used it since, but after receiving my 7th call this month, I’m going back to the dollar store!

    • Sandra says:

      Hey that option sounds pretty good… maybe after their ears have been blasted enough times they will lose their hearing and won’t be able to do any kind of phone work to scam people.

    • PISSED OFF says:

      When they threaten you beg them to come over. Ask them if they prefer hollow points or tracer rounds. Cuz either way they are going to get shot, but you wound like to be polite and give them the choice of round.

  74. Ringing in manassas says:

    There is nothing the FTC is doing, which obvious by their responses. They go through the motions with no intent to realy adress. Perhaps due to the number of complaints.

    I hit my limit and now engage them. I always press one as requested. When asked about debt, I lied. I have no credit card debt and never have. So now it is trying to waste their time and drive up their phone bills. Phone companies will like that. Tell the person you have so much debt but make sure you “pick” credit card with a very large debt. Try to keep them on the phone. They eventually hang up. Thanfully, I have had no vulgarity, just simple hang ups. I like the idea of waiting on another family member to join the call. The goal is drive up their expenses with little yield.
    Frankly, I think the FCC has become completely useles for phones. Maybe too much responsibility to handle. We need complete agency review.

    • Brad says:

      I think Rachael has been changed to some other name, and the calls keep coming, even on my cell phone.

      Got a call recently and decided to press #1 to speak to an agent to let that person know that I am on the “do not call list”. A less than articulate and lovely lady named Na-Keisha or Latoya or something similar answered. I told her that I was on the dnc list and I want the calls to stop.

      Her reply, “Then stick your phone up yo’ ass, honkey”. Exact words. This was reported to the FCC, but to no avail.

      • Jaylene says:

        I told them today to remove me and the repugnant young gentlemen said there was no way to remove me and anyway “babe” they were going to call til hell froze over cause we couldn’t stop them, and the dnc didn’t apply to them.

  75. Tom says:

    I don’t get the calls multiple times per day like some of you. I get a call about once a month. Sometimes I ignore it. Sometimes I answer and act as though I am interested. Once I told him that I did have credit cards, but that I did not know how much I owed. Today I told him that I was afraid of giving my CC# and he gave the canned response that he “vas vith wisa and mastercard” and that I had nothing to worry about. When I persisted with fear he said F**k you, you POS. Then had the nerve to ask me if I was going to give him the card number so he could help me.

  76. John says:

    I’m using “nomorobo” which works pretty well. One of these calls just sneaked through, though. I called the number, which was set up to answer “we are unavailable to take your call, please leave a message”. I reported it to my blocking website. so that number won’t work any more, at least for those using that service.

  77. Nick says:

    Fight fire with fire!

    Everyone who gets this call do the following:
    – Hit the number to connect you to an operator (Often 1 but not always)
    – Set the phone aside … If you want. put in front of a radio or TV speaker
    – After they have hung up, hang up your end

    If everyone did this it would bring their system to it knees or worse. It would clog up their call centers making it not cost effective to make these calls.

    • Nick says:

      I had to reply to my own message.
      – Imagine that Rachael and friends start getting tens or hundreds of thousands of punched through calls that are blank.
      – I’d love to hear ” You are caller 356, please hold”.
      Imagine soooo many replies that the system can’t call out.

      And all of them blank…don’t say a word to them.

  78. David says:

    Today I was called by Rachel and Sarah from card services. On the fifth call I hit one to speak to a preson. When he answered I told him that I had filed a complaint with the FCC( which I had done just a bit earlier) and his reply was” fuck you we don’t care about them.” Then hung up. Wow. Guess Rachel is more powerful than the FCC and that’s sad.

  79. Barry says:

    Why can’t these bastards be found the Govt seems to be able to track and listen in on our allies as well as our enemies.

  80. Tina says:

    Now they are calling me from my own phone #. When I pressed #9 and spoke to an foreign speaking person and asked him, “please stop calling” he said F**k You! Just lovely, something needs to be done with these people!

  81. Is there some way we can have these idiots charged with harassment? Why should we have to put up with business tactics like this? My next contact will be the Attorney General to see if we can stop this BS.

    • Kristen says:

      There are thousands of complaints against them. The problem is that they can’t pin them down to charge them. The BEST way to get back at them is to waste their time. Every minute you keep them on the phone they can’t be talking to someone who might be naive enough to give them money. Of course, not everyone has the luxury of that much free time.

      • Alexis says:

        These people call me all the time and when I push a number to get removed it takes me to some Indian guy who sexual harasses me over the phone. He just asked me if I have big boobs and if I was a virgin. If I liked my boobs squeezed and wanted him to give me panties to wear when he takes my virginity.

        These people need to stop.

  82. Scott W. says:

    I generally just start tapping random numbers whenever I get a ‘Robo call’ it messes up their system. However on ‘Rachel’s system’ when you tap # * & 0 you get connected to a live operator
    You should hear some of the things I’ve been called over the Phone ‘F rectum, P-rick, Son of a B-itch, A hole’
    All kinds of Terms of endearment & it doesn’t do Any good to sit on the phone & Kindly explain to the ‘Person’ that I don’t have CC debt & their spiel won’t do Me or them Any good in the least.

  83. GreyHawk says:

    As several others have mentioned, the most recent call into the house were using the very phone number that was ringing.

  84. Wes C says:

    Was Rachel, now it’s Brigitte. I get between 1 and 3 calls a day, always a different caller ID showing. If I could just get my hands around her throat….



      • Griffin says:

        I had the same experience. Though they could be hacking your phone at your home too.

        I think it’s the NSA.

  85. Richard says:

    I am now seeing calls from 800 #’s. STOP these idots!!!!!!

  86. Jay says:

    Calls come in about 4 x a day and the computer won’t stop! It needs to be shut down!

  87. Ken says:

    Every day she promised it will be the final notice. I’m still waiting but she doesn’t give up.

  88. Gina says:

    Just got a call from Rachel just now. Stop this crap!!! I don’t even have credit cards!

  89. There was a lull for a while, but now Rachel is back at it on a daily basis. It’s not a human, so don’t bother blowing a whistle. Or rather, how about blowing a whistle on the corporate honchos and their politicians who would be the last to put a stop to this? The do-not-call list seems to be a sham, unfortunately. I work at home, and this is seriously aggravating my workday.

  90. Terry says:

    I get so many of these that it isn’t funny. I used to just hang up the phone. I’ve tried being nice before and ask them to please add my number to their do not call list. Then I started getting attitude and they would just hang up. Now as soon as they get on the phone, I blow a whistle in their ear. I pray that they try to sue me for a blown ear drum

    • theresa says:

      I am going to do that the next time they call me. Fking assholes are horrible people.
      They’re the only number I’ve ever reported to the the do no call registry.

  91. Vicki says:

    I only receive these calls occasionally but I never press a key to actually speak to someone. I bet if you do that puts you on their frequent call list.

  92. Janet Reno says:

    Understand that the people you speak with have absolutely no control over who they call. They cannot remove your number. You’re number is dialed by a computer. The computer will never forget your number. It will continue calling forever.
    The “foreigners” you speak with work on commission. There is no “minimum wage” in their country. U.S. Laws do not apply to them, which is why they laugh off your threats and curse at you. It’s no problem for them to get yelled at. What hurts them is wasting their time. They probably only succeed in scamming one out of 1000 people, so the longer you waste their time, the harder/longer it takes for them to earn money. That’s the only way to get back at them “personally”, but that doesn’t affect the owners one bit.
    Only our government can fix this by applying pressure to the phone companies. We know that will never happen. If we could only prove that the scammed funds were funding isis, then the government would surely ignore it completely.

  93. kat kerr says:


  94. Danny says:

    They keep calling me from random numbers and if I don’t answer and call the number back its some one who has no idea their number is being used!!! I clicked 9 to talk to someone and the foreign piece of shit started singing till I hung up!!!

  95. Florence says:

    They call me every single day from my own number! Today I held to speak with someone and politely ask them again to remove my name and number off of the list. I cannot even repeat on here the disgusting vulgarities that were said to me. It was beyond filth and I can’t believe there is no way to stop these calls. I am beyond pissed off right now to say the least.

    • Kristen says:

      I’m telling you–if you make it uncomfortable for them to call you, they will stop. Get an airhorn, put the phone up to the radio speaker and turn it up all the way, anything like that. I tried it and haven’t had a call in months.

    • Barry says:

      My approach is to think of absolutely the most hurtful thing I can and scream it…. be it racial epethets or something incredibly sick and vulgar…..the goal is to make the caller rethink their work choices…..

      It has been almost 2 mos since the last call after years of daily calls….

  96. Bee Vite says:

    OK… so now, “Rachel” has been joined by “Carmen” … or maybe Rachel is training Carmen… I’m getting calls from Carmen daily… still “Cardholder Services” … I’m so tired of fighting with it, and we are getting so little support with eliminating the problem… that I just immediately hang up… Does anyone know if an unlisted phone number helps?

  97. Carmen says:

    Tell them that the FBI has a cash reward out for their boss and to search for his name on Google. If enough people do this, the peons will start to get suspicious and hopefully plot to turn on their bosses.

  98. Dave Hugh says:

    Rachel at Cardholder Services has been calling me for several years — on a daily basis. Often I will press “1” and try to explain that I am on crutches and it is often difficult for me to get to the phone — but need to for family and work reasons, and that it would make a huge difference in my life if these calls were to stop. But almost immediately they hand up on me, and I get another call a few hours later. Their hearts are made of stone.

  99. V Avery says:

    BBB last year: “The Federal Trade Commission has reported that even though past efforts to stop Rachel have temporarily slowed her scams, she is still prompting around 150,000 complaints a month at its Do Not Call Registry website.

    Callers who respond to Rachel’s fake offer to lower their credit card interest rates find that at best the scammer only sets up a three-way call with the consumer and their credit card company to request a rate reduction. This is an action that any cardholder could undertake themself for free. Instead, Rachel charges for this “service,” sometimes between $495 and $1,595. Consumers are charged even in cases where the rate was not lowered by their card company.

    In an attempt to stop Rachel the FTC is reaching out to the computer and telephone hacking community. The FTC has announced that it is hosting three separate contests at this summer’s DEF CON 22 hacker conference. DEF CON is the largest hacker convention and held every August in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    The contests are called “Zapping Rachel.” Entrants are challenged to come up with the technology to lure in and trap the Rachel scammers, a process called a “honeypot.” $50,000 prize money is expected to attract numerous hackers to the worthwhile goal of stopping Rachel’s continuing harassment of consumers.”

    Apparently, it had little impact.

  100. Heath says:

    I get several of these a week, got one the other day that the caller id showed was me calling myself, on my cell phone. Very frustrating.

  101. Nancy says:

    Could someone please, please, please tell me how to stop “Bridget from cardholder services”. I get these calls several times a day from many different numbers all over the US.
    Chicago: 312-471-1576
    Detroit: 313-366-9616
    Philadelphia: 267-233-6724

    I could go on. Sometimes I get 2 or 3 in an hour. It must stop. I’m ready to change my number but I think she would find me.

    • i clicked to respond and ended up way down the comment lists something strange here’ Something tricky going on. was only 6-7 comments down and now 27? Can’t trust anyone. Here’s the thing YOU,ANYONE, OR ANY COMPANY CAN STOP THIS. YOU KNOW IT WE KNOW IT. It is money’ No one here or anywhere can truthfully say it can’t be stopped..IF GOVERNMENT WANTED THEY CAN STOP IT. If you wanted you can stop it..JUST MORE EXCUSES..ONE DAY we all will remember who is not doing their part and the companies harassing us THEN’ THEN’ THEN’

  102. Harry'smom says:

    Once when Rachel called, I said I was very interested and wanted to get my husband to join the call, would they please hold? Then every 3 minutes I tell the caller “just hold, my husband is coming..” Believe me, they hold. Then after about 25 minutes, I get back on the phone and say “wait a minute, I don’t have a husband”. I don’t think it worked to stop the calls, but I got a laugh and oddly enough, so did the caller.

    I wonder who got the payments, I didn’t get one despite having filed many complaints…I want to get on that gravy train though, as $43 comes in real handy.

  103. Joesph Smith says:

    The government can stop this anytime they want to. The NSA is monitoring all of our calls so they know who is calling. Send a couple of Seal Team 6 folks to pay them a visit. I’d feel a lot better about paying my taxes.

  104. Ron says:

    Of course the telephone service providers could end a whole criminal enterprise, if they wanted to do so. All cell phone companies have the technology to end these calls, and also scam calls originating in prisons ans jails, but they don’t Oi is a money issue. The criminals who engage in these thefts/frauds are telephone service CUSTOMERS and pay money to the companies. I’ve never known a telephone company, going back to pre-cellular days, let ethics or real civic service get in the way of making money. And don’t forget, telco lobbyist are mixing it up with the politicians to not make them stop the illegal activity. It’s all about the money.

  105. Elaine Hawkins says:

    I stupidly engaged one of the representatives in a conversation. When he asked for the credit card number, I politely told him “they” called me and should know. When I suggested this was a scam, he indicated I would be reported for saying it was a scam phone call. Absolutely ridiculous!

  106. Cathy Owen says:

    Here’s what we do. We turn the ringer off on the phones and record the following greeting:

    “Hi. We screen all incoming calls, so at the beep, please let us know who’s calling. If we don’t pick up within 15 seconds, feel free to leave a message and we’ll call you back as soon as we can. Thanks.”

    If we’re home and we hear someone begin speaking, we can pick up if we choose to. If we’re not home, friends/family will leave a message so we can call them back.

    It’s just that simple, and in all the years we’ve done this, we have never had to talk to a telemarketer nor have we had a telemarketer leave a message.

  107. Jason says:

    These people have been calling me over and over from (405.664.7753) which appears to be an Oklahoma phone number. I answered today, dialed 9 and was transferred to an agent. I immediately requested the agent remove me from their call list. His response, crazy as it sounds, was to begin singing a hit love song from the 80’s back to me over the phone. Followed by an abrupt hanging up of the phone. This guy really needs to work on his singing skills.

  108. Joe says:

    I received call today from Rachel at Card holders Services and the called ID said she was calling from my phone number. This is a new wrinkle to the scam. Rachel is calling me on my phone. How does this scam work? I hung up as soon as she started the recorded pitch.

    • James Sanchez says:

      Caller-ID is useless in identifying these scammers. They spoof their callerid by programming their PBX to put out bogus information. Since they have lots of outbound lines, they can have lots of bogus numebers which when called are invalid. The ONLY way to fix this problem is: (1) make it a criminal offense to spoof your called ID except in specific court approved circumstances (2) make the telco provider responsible for inserting the caller ID field into the signaling under penalty of FCC regulation. Otherwise, the FTC is chasing their tail.

  109. Joe says:

    Need names and locations of the guilty parties? They are right in Arizona.

    Federal Trade Commission, Plaintiff v. ELH Consulting, LLC, also d/b/a Proactive Planning Solutions; Purchase Power Solutions, LLC; Allied Corporate Connection, LLC; Complete Financial Strategies, LLC; 3Point14 Consulting, LLC, also d/b/a Elite Planning Group; Key Tech Software Solutions, LLC, also d/b/a Key One Solutions; Emory L. Holley IV a/k/a Jack Holley, individually and as the sole member of ELH Consulting, LLC; Lisa Miller, individually and as the sole member of Allied Corporate Connection, LLC, Complete Financial Strategies, LLC, and Purchase Power Solutions, LLC; Rares Stelea, individually and as the sole member of 3Point14 Consulting, LLC; and Justin Journay, individually and as the sole member of Key Tech Software Solutions, LLC, Defendants.


    I just received a phone call from Card Services from Asheville NC phone number 828-335-8467.
    I pushed 9 to speak to the person to ask them to remove me from their call list, and a man came on and was polite and asked how I was today. I said fine but I would like to be removed from your call list. He said he would be happy to remove my name but he needs a reason. I said because I have no business with you and I do not care to do business with you. He said he needs a reason so he can report to his supervisor. I repeated myself. He began yelling something while I was speaking to him so I said I am on the Do Not Call List and I am reporting you. He said F**k you bitch and hung up. Surprise – there is no answer when I called back to ask for his name. I have found a name and an address to match the phone number and it is a woman. I have already contacted the BBB and FCC. I will not stand for this harassment and verbal abuse.

    • Jill says:

      Yes, they are often rude. A few years ago, I asked for their number so that I could call them back (but really to report them) and was told it was 1-800-GET-LOST. Now I press 1 for a real person… then when I get the agent, I press 1 again – and hold it. If we ALL did that, they’d eventually give up.

  111. Rick Davis says:

    The Cardholder Services scam has not been stopped. I receive at least two calls a week from “Rachel”. I have identified the number as being a Sprint cell phone and I will now turn it over to my attorney in an effort to sue Sprint for their lack of concern.

    • Sheila Myers says:

      I get these calls once, twice a day! Should not be allowed

      • Barry says:

        They stopped calling me after YEARS of dailies. You need to press “1” to talk to someone then tell them things so disgusting, before they hang up , that even Donald Trump would say it is over the top…..sexual, racial, deeply personal and MEAN. Eventually they decide you are hurting staff morale and they take you off.

  112. Phil says:

    Rachel called today, so I wanted to see how much below zero cardholder services was willing to go to save (give) me money. So a rep came on the line and i asked, you can save me money on my cards? He said yes, I said can you go below zero, as I have no balances on my cards? He hung up!
    Can someone get a phone number that can be posted on facebook, Twitter, etc, so we can start annoying them?

    • Kristen says:

      A friend told me that when she gets these calls she dials through to a person, then blasts them with an air horn. She had to do it 2 or 3 times but then the calls stopped. Not terribly ethical, but since these people are not only willfully violating the do not call list, but are also vulgar and abusive, I doubt she loses any sleep.

    • Larry Powell says:

      I have been getting lots of calls from this number;
      518 244 8590.

      I always press 1 to talk to an operator and then I cuss them out just to piss them off. I am sure it has to affect their morale somewhat. I then call back the number and press 1 again to talk to another salesperson. I then leave a very negative message and I stay on the line as long as I can even after they say good by. I usually leave 5 to 10 messages for every time they call me. I have reported them many times which does not seem to do any good. Good luck.

    • Larry Powell says:

      Most do not have number where you can leave messages but I found one that did. They called me for months. They gave three options. to speak with a live operator, to be removed from the list( which does not work) or to leave a message. One day I called and left 50 messages. I just talked about stupid things and did not hang up as requested when my message was over. Each time I tied up their line for 7 to 9 minutes. When I have tried to call them recently I cannot get through as apparently they have me blocked. This number is….518 244 8590. These people are fucking terrorists.

  113. jbrune says:

    The FTC/FCC needs to start offering big rewards for those who provide information that results in a conviction. This would convine workers to turn their bosses in.

  114. Richard says:

    So some company is out there calling me 2-3 times a week for over 2 years now and can get away with it. They call sometimes call twice a day. So when is it considered harassment????
    Here is a small list of numbers I have:
    Someone PLEASE GET THEM TO STOP!!!!!!

  115. Snap Duhhh says:

    The answer is SO obvious to me, ALL that is needed is a relatively simple sevice that anwers your phone WITHOUT ever ringing…then the caller must either enter a code to ring through or else jump through hoops including proving FIRST there is a live caller who must follow instructions on which key to push and next listening to a recorded message making it crystal clear that this phone owner will NEVER EVER do business with unsolicited calls NOT EVER and that conitnuing after this not only violates the do not call law but also will be reported….THEN and ONLY then can someone without the private code ring through…NOW I just need to find THAT device….WHY are they not advertised and selling by the tens of millions for $49 or whatever???

    • Snap Duhhh says:

      actualliy I will change to another phone provider the second one offers this as a standard phone feature! WHY ARE THE NOT??

    • Great IDEA says:

      Actually, better yet phone providers offer this as a service, no device needed!… I will change to another phone provider the second one offers this as a standard phone feature! WHY ARE THEY NOT??

  116. Donna Carlton says:

    every day! at least 2x…I waited one time to talk to the live person. I asked to have my name taken off the list….she just hung up…..Next day..back again. I want it to stop…sheeesh!!

  117. Enough with all the bad stories about all the problems everybody’s having. the big question is how the hell do we stop it. I’m sick and tired of getting emails from other people that are having the same problem. when the title of this email is “Good news for victims from Rachel from card services”. I don’t see you any good news in this email. Like I said what can we do to stop it. that’s all I want to know. I just want the calls stop coming through my phone.If there’s a lawsuit that’s fine but bottom line is want the damn calls to quit coming from my phone. so why am I getting this email saying good news when all I’m getting is more bad news. This site almost seems like a scam to me as well.

  118. Wayne Dunham says:

    Too bad the FCC has had 0% effect on this ongoing scam. I just got a call from them 2 minutes ago.
    They, like many of the other scammers out there are more frequently using your own phone # as the “caller ID”. that shows up on your phone.
    When I’m feeling “playful” I’ll answer the phone “Hi, ME! How am I trying to scam ME today?” …….. click……dial tone.

    I’m sorry, but there is no way you can tell me that the phone companies don’t know exactly where that call is originating from so there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for spoofed caller IDs.
    If there is a way, then I want to know how to do it so I can get in touch with my relatives that live in long distance area codes and I can talk to them for free by simply spoofing the caller ID.

    Where is my button on the phone to send 5 million volts back through to the caller when I get one of these calls. I bet the scammers would stop pretty quickly after that! No more “Cardholder Services”, no more “I’m from Micro$oft, there is a problem with your computer”.

    It all makes you want to move into a cave and have no phone at all rather than getting 2-6 of these type of calls EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

    • James Sanchez says:

      I got one this morning – the FTC needs to stop this and Caller ID spoofing should be made a felony except for law enforcement. It is one thing to restrict your caller ID but putting bogus info should be illegal. I know that this is done in the callers PBX so the telcos are not strictly at fault but they could stop the calls if they were “motivated”. I used to program PBXs so I sorta know this stuff.

  119. BJD says:

    They are scammers all, briget,rachel or karmen. I call them out for the rats and crooks that they are. Then like the dooshbags they are they hang up. i tell them that they are the laughingstock of America, lots of people like me “punk them out” . They should all kill themselves and quit robbing the planet of oxygen. They are crooks,liars and thieves and deserve nothing… not even respect. They are scamming bastages and CROOKS and when I call them out they dont know what top do. They are not legit.

  120. Mike says:

    (1) Needing money does not excuse these operators from knowingly participating in a scam and one that annoys everyone they call. And they know this. Stop sympathizing with them
    (2) My wife and I keep a whistle by the phone, push #1 and when someone comes on, we speak softly so they have to turn up their volume and then blow the whistle. After a week or so the calls stop for a week or two.
    (3) The FTC can/will do nothing. Let’s pool some $ and hire Chinese hackers to track them down and list the individuals they find on the website “Please beat me up”.

  121. James Sanchez says:

    I hope the toothless FTC get the authority to charge these folks with felonies with serious prison time. I’ll bet after a few of them are perp walked into the police station the problem will go away. Oh, and charge the phone companies with being an accessory to this fraud.

  122. Jimtebo says:

    Just curious when…. What do you do when you get a call that shows your own number in Caller ID, and it’s Rachel, and you push #9 to speak to them. Then they come on the line and you tell them that you are on the do not call list, and they tell you, “O F#C% YOUR SELF”, and then hang up…
    What do you do?

  123. gEORGIA says:


    PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!!

  124. Bob Tando says:

    Some of you are so very naive. The DNC law allows calls for public service messages which these creeps hide behind to avoid prosecution. If you press “1”, you have voluntarily contacted them and the law no longer applies. Phone companies charge them per call and it means $millions to them so don’t expect Verizon to get excited about stopping any robocalls. Computers do the initial dialing and, if someone picks up the phone, the number is flagged for being “live” and goes on a repeat call list, all done by computers. Caller ID numbers are easily generated at random and they hope that they pick a town where you know someone and might answer. Asking them to stop calling is ridiculous as many of you have learned.
    There should be legislation but we are entering an election period and robocalls are a very efficient means of harassing constituents with tongue-in-cheek messages. Scammers and politicians are just brothers from another mother.
    I’ve had over 500 calls in the last three years. Understand that, if you dial 1 you will get cheap foreign labor “screeners” who get paid dirt wages for identifying suckers. After they have screened you, they pass you on to a closer who is more skilled and highly paid. You have to give up a legitimate credit card number to get to a closer. It is satisfying to swear at them, waste their time and whatever but these poor souls are just trying to buy food for this week in Pakistan or Bangladesh by stealing from innocent people. Heck, if you’re hungry, why not? You’ll never get to the money boys.
    Solutions, you ask? None really. a few months ago, I bought a “robocall screener” from Amazon that maintains a list of phone numbers and blocks them if they call again. You answer the phone, recognize it as spam and press a button – that number is blocked. It works but since the callers generate new random numbers for each call, its effectiveness is marginal.
    All you can do right now is only answer numbers that you recognize. Legitimate other callers will leave a message. Sad state of affairs but the almighty dollar always rules.

    • Jake says:

      No need to be rude to folk here, calling them “naïve.” You could just provide helpful information – like the law – that any response then gives legal sanction to “voluntary contact.”

      I get these calls every day except Sunday, usually twice a day. The name has changed from “Rachel” to “Carmen.”

      I think a complaint with the Public Utilities Commissions in every state is worth doing. I am convinced – naively – that the calls are directly related to computer use, and isps, and the telephone companies, as was stated.

  125. Gina says:

    “Rachel” may have stopped calling but now she has been replaced by “Bridget”. These calls will never stop no matter what you try to do. They call my job a few times a week and if it’s not them then it’s some idiot calling to update our google listing. Have tried telling them to stop calling but they just hang up on you and continue to call over & over again.

  126. Norm Levin says:

    Paul does a variation of what I do, when I’m feeling particularly nasty. String them along until they transfer the call to their “verification” person. Now we’re on their second level. Play along until they ask for more particular information. Tell them to hold on a moment while I get it. Hit MUTE on your phone and put it down. In a few minutes, you’ll hear their rep asking “Are you still there?”
    They now may think they’ve lost an actual sucker.

  127. Layne says:

    I have been getting these annoying calls on a daily basis. I want to get paid $500 for at least each violation.

  128. Paul says:

    I have been receiving these calls for a couple of years now. Each time they called I would ask them to stop calling and they always hang up immediately, and move on to the next person. Lately, I have been feigning interest and trying to keep them on the line as long as possible to waste their time.

    Today they called and I pressed “1” to speak to a rep.

    “You are interested in lowering your credit card interest rate?”
    Yes of course
    “Would you please provide the expiration date on the front of the card?”
    Sure, let me find it. One second….
    ***Two minutes pass
    Yeah, still here. I’m still looking, hold on…
    ***Three minutes pass”
    Yeah, sorry, I have it now.
    “Ok, can you read me the 16 digit number on the front?”
    Sure. (Extremely slowly) 4371-9546-1504-1457-8534-6497-8460-1742….
    “Go f*** your mother you f***ing a**hole!”
    Wait, I’m almost done!
    ***Rep disconnects call

    I know it probably doesn’t keep me off their list, but I get a kick out of it.

  129. Richard Knee says:

    Sometimes, I’ll press “1” to talk to a customer rep, whose pitch I’ll immediately interrupt to encourage the rep to organize his/her fellow workers.

  130. Carol says:

    I am SSSSOOOOOOOOO SICK OF THESE ANNOYING CALLS! They usually call during the day when I am at work. If they call when I am home, I press “1” and then blast the representative with an air horn can that I bought for a dollar at a local store. The best dollar I ever spent!!!!!!

  131. cathy redman says:

    I was exspecting a call today from a contractor I am doing business with. Did not recognize the number but was a local exchange in my area code so I answered. It was Rachel.
    I did not think hit 9, I was busy with a client and all the sudden a mideastern male voice if I shaved my _ _ _ _ _? What i was in shock asked to speak to his supervisor more filth. He hung up on me and turned his phone off. Called BBB, FCC, Attorney Generals Office in my state. There is nothing I can do but give them the phone number of the caller. And not answer anymore numbers I do not recognize. How has our world gotten so out of sorts that it is ok to do and say whatever to fellow humans. I thought always that love is the answer. Just amazed these people can get away with this. Oh I have had 16 phone xalls from numbers I do bot know in the past 9 hours.

  132. velma says:

    I have recieved calls from card holder services and when I looked at the caller id it shows my phone number how is that possible? I just want it to stop. How can I make them stop

  133. Wayne says:

    Rachel is now using UKNOWN display. Can’t block unknown. They’ve out smarted us again.

  134. Mike E says:

    Everyone on this site (and many others) are missing the point- The bigger picture. The powers that could fix this (the feds) DON’T WANT THIS PROBLEM FIXED. Very simply, there is too much money sliding around under the table to buy them off NOT to fix it.
    Not long ago it was illegal to call a cell phone number with a telemarketing call- and then congress changed the law to allow it. Now who do you suppose had the money and the lobbyists to convince them to do that? Wonder how much that cost them?
    This could be fixed very simply, if they wished. My brother came up with this. When you catch up with one of these scammers (and occasionally they do) prosecute them under the racketeering (RICO) laws. These laws allow for up to life in prison without parole. These laws are on the books already, we don’t need to change a thing. Toss a couple of them in jail for a LONG time- and the problem will fix itself in a week. Nobody will risk it.

  135. mickey navarre says:

    I have received calls from them over 300 times in the last year about 3 to 4 times a day. i have told them that i owed 4 million on my visa card at 30% interest and i have messed with them and i have had enough. lawyer is next guaranteed.

  136. Christa Seedorf says:

    I have had several calls lately all from different #’s

    405245-5159, 4052456099, 4052455267, 4052457359, and 405-245-5159

    • keith says:

      what i have been doing to block these people is , any area code that i don’t have need to call or get calls from i just block the whole area code. i noticed they switch numbers ,but as long as the area code is the same they don’t get through. by doing it that way i have effectively blocked 10 million phone numbers! this is with just one area code.

  137. Norm Levin says:

    Rachel and her evil twin Carmen called me again today on both my home and business lines. As they do like to check in on me every single day, I do feel appreciated.
    Usually I just hang up the monument they come on the line. Sometimes they’ll get a short burst of my best profanity. Other times when I’m in a playful mood, I toy with them until I get the “closer”. Feigning interest in their offer, I’ll say “I need to go find my card”, then hit the Mute button on my phone, so I can hear them but they can’t hear me.

    Of course, none of these silly tactics works to stop the calls.

  138. Beth says:

    When I get this call, MY OWN NAME AND NUMBER SHOW UP ON THE CALLER ID!!!! I can’t even call them back or efficiently report them to because it shows that I called myself from my own phone number??!!

    • keith says:

      i’ve had those too . just block your own number ,it worked for me.i also get a call alot that says unknown caller and for the number just a 1 i’m using a cordless phone that has call block and i managed to block them. every time they call the phone hangs up on them.

  139. Flo Hough says:

    Getting these calls all the time. Sick of it. I’ve taken to calling them back and leaving nasty messages. When it gives you the option to speak to someone, I hit it and when they answer, I call them names. I encourage everyone to do the same! The number that called me today was 860-237-5624

  140. Alane says:

    I get calls from them all the time, as soon as I block one they call on a new number.
    How can we stop this??

    I once stayed on the line so I could tell them to stop calling me and that they had no ligament business with me and to take me off their call list and ended up talking to some street thug or prison inmate who argued with me about how it wasn’t possible for me not to have credit cards.

  141. Fabian says:

    where are these calls originating from? in the US or outside the US?

    I was told that the credit reporting agencies are selling our phone numbers to these companies.

    • Alane says:

      717 314 3324
      221 202 7359
      844 650-5933
      717 380 7492
      717 201 0961
      717 560 9087
      816 244 7894
      717 278 6691
      717 519 8670
      717 314 3796
      These are all robo called from Card holder services with no message, as soon as I block them the call on a new line

      • keith says:

        i’m using a cordless phone that has call block . what i do when these idiots call is block the whole area code. i just enter block range of numbers and put 1717 for example and anyone in the 717 area code will be unable to get through. this effectively blocks 10 million numbers with just one entry

  142. Carmen Ethier says:

    Sure wish there was a way to fine these people enough so that they would stop hounding us. I have been receiving calls from Cardholder Services on a daily basis, even up to 4 calls in one day. Now they are using different names, other than Rachel. There has to be a way these calls can be stopped.

  143. Demetris McDonough says:

    I’ve been hounded by Rachael craps you a few years now. How can I make it stop. And how can I get in on the law suit..better yet ‘ll why dont we send her and her partners to jail!

  144. howard Bitterman says:

    ‘Unfortunate souls’, my ass. These sales people are participating in a scam and they know it! This is not legitimate employment

  145. Jason says:

    Got called by “Cardholder Services” where they say” nothing is wrong with your account bla bla… press 9 to speak with a service representative” So I pressed 9 and asked the lady to remove me from their calling list, and she responded “Fuck you, Fuck you” and hung up on me! Unbelievable!

    • Rich says:

      After my first dozen or calls and after I was hung up on when asking to be removed from their call list, I tried going along with their whole scheme for a while.

      It turned out that they wanted to refinance my debt but were unwilling to do so unless I had at least [some minimum] amount of debt which I claimed not to have. After talking to the woman for a bit, and making it clear that I never had that amount of credit card debt, I asked not to be called again. She agreed, but it did not work.

      Maybe if everybody chatted up the sales people with long and windy answers to their questions and asked countless pointless questions of their own, they wouldn’t find it cost-effective to keep doing this. They probably depend on hang-ups to keep down the amount of time they have to pay their sales people for.

      On the other hand, I imagine that the sales people are just unfortunate souls trying to make a living at an overwhelmingly frustrating and dismal job.

      I think that it is a lose-lose situation.

      • Rick Richman says:

        I, too, have received countless calls from “Rachel” and am exceedingly frustrated by the continuing calls. Every so often, however, I decide to “take the scammers up on their offer” by playing the fool, going along with the rep and basically wasting as much of the rep’s time as I possibly can and then making the situation so obvious that they’ll finally hang up on me. My record so far is 17+ minutes!! The only way to (at least partially) get back at these sub-humans is to waste their time.

      • Rick in SFoCA says:

        Rich, you wrote, “Maybe if everybody chatted up the sales people with long and windy answers to their questions and asked countless pointless questions of their own, they wouldn’t find it cost-effective to keep doing this. They probably depend on hang-ups to keep down the amount of time they have to pay their sales people for.

        “On the other hand, I imagine that the sales people are just unfortunate souls trying to make a living at an overwhelmingly frustrating and dismal job.”

        I agree with your observations and they are a reason that, occasionally, I’ll press “1” to talk to a sales rep and pitch the rep on organizing his/her fellow workers.

        • Flo Hough says:

          Unfortunate souls???? Really??? Which turnip truck did you just fall off of? All of these people are in on it. Duh.

      • charles says:

        “…the sales people are just unfortunate souls trying to make a living…”

        No, they know they’re part of a criminal conspiracy, No sympathy.

  146. Ted Miller says:

    Ok first i get 2-3 of these a day now from different numbers on my cell phone and my home line. How do i get the FTC to send me a check for each of these unwanted call?

  147. Renee Ferrero says:

    Carmen, Rachel, whomever at Card holder Services must be stopped. It is extremely annoying and disruptive.

  148. Jim says:

    Rachel is alive and well and now sending my very own cid info.

  149. howard Bitterman says:

    An appropriate punishment for the owner of Card Holder services would be:

    1) Convert every dime the bastard has made on this scam to gold.
    2) Melt down the gold and place liquid in large vat.
    3) Pour the contents of the vat down the bastard’s throat.

  150. howard Bitterman says:

    If the owner and/or employees of Card Holder Services have any children I hope they bury them.

  151. howard Bitterman says:

    I hope the owner of Card Holder Services gets cancer of the testicles and they have to cut his big balls off.

  152. Rich says:

    It would be bad enough if they called a couple of times and gave up. But it is preposterous that they will call over and over and over again. What do they think, that after you hang up on them 25 times you will finally be happy to hear from them on the 26th time??

    It also seems preposterous to me that this can’t be blocked. Do the people in power (senators, etc.) put up with this crap? If not, I’d like to know how they stop it.

  153. Jo Hannan says:

    I too just want the everyday calls to STOP! If my husband, who has health issues, is out I run from wherever to answer only to get Bridget or Carman. Pushing 1 to speak to a person only gets you hung up on if you start asking questions; pushing 3 to be removed from their list is a joke but not a funny one.

  154. Cindi Wheeler says:

    Now it’s Bridget from Cardholder Services ;), although today’s was from Rachel! Rarely use the same number, today’s was from my own phone. I told one the other day about the company being fined and that I would report them again, and she switched from super friendly to a very nasty “I don’t know whatcha think you are talking about” and hanging up. I have gone as far as waiting until the operator comes on and holding the phone in the commode as I flush – they just don’t care.

  155. S W Mays says:

    It’s either Carmen, Rachael or Bridget! I have asked to be put through and that I didn’t wish to be called anymore. Especially a year ago, I had a family member on a transplant list and I’m over 75 years and it’s difficult to quickly get to the phone. I told them this and they laughed and said “not their problem!”. These people would call up to six times a day!

  156. Mike M says:

    It’s not the money – I just want to STOP THEM! We pay these silly telecomm taxes on every phone bill as though there were still dozens of telegraph wires running along our streets. Government does NOTHING but collect money, it doesn’t care about the people paying it anymore, that’s obvious. Not only do they not care – they are thoroughly inept anyway. They cannot even stop foreign countries from hacking into federal databases – who can expect them to stop Rachel?

  157. J ROBERTS says:


  158. Nate Waddoups says:

    The FTC should be cross-referencing these scammers’ phone calls with their own Do-Not-Call list so that we can go after the scammers for those $16,000 penalties.

    Just reporting the DNC violations does no good because they fake the Caller-ID information. But now that the FTC knows who the perpetrators are, they should be sharing that information with the people the scammers called.

  159. warren Little says:

    Please,please please give us a number or an address so we can unsubscribe from these annoying phone calls! The

  160. Nancy Zewiey says:

    I have been receiving calls 1 or more times daily from Carmen at Cardholder Services for the past month or more. Reimburse me for the afggravation FCC. Send the creeps responsible to prison for life.

  161. The announcement that 16500+ people who received Rachel robo calls is not the answer. First the amount of money to make these payments will not cover the number of claims and the amount of compensation is in no way valid for the aggravation these calls produce.

    I want a way to end this! I have been on the Do Not Call List since it became available and can not count the number of these calls I have received in the past 2 years. another one came in this am, 6-8-15. Is there anyway known that I can use to stop this kind of crap?????

  162. John Nguyen says:

    PHOTO: The FTC will be reimbursing people who fell prey to the “Rachel with Cardholder Services,” robo-calling scheme.
    The FTC will be reimbursing people who fell prey to the “Rachel with Cardholder Services,” robo-calling scheme. Getty Images
    If you are one of the legions of consumers who suffered through those annoying robocalls from “Rachel with Cardholder Services,” you could have money coming your way.

    That’s right. The Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer watchdog, has reached a settlement with a collection of companies it says used that ploy. And now a special administrator is preparing to mail out checks to victims.

    The total amount available to repay consumers is $700,000. The FTC says it is mailing out 16,590 checks this week. Each check will be for $42.95 and must be cashed within 60 days.

    Here’s how the scheme worked: Robo-Rachel called you and claimed she could help with your credit card interest rate. If you asked to be connected with a real operator, the company then claimed it could get your credit card interest rate reduced for a fee. Credit companies are not supposed to guarantee you credit or a particular interest rate in exchange for an up front fee.
    So… does this mean Rachel is dead and gone and you won’t be hearing from her again? Maybe. When a robocalling scheme works, other companies often copy it. In fact, after the FTC took its first action against “Rachel,” investigators were frustrated when the calls continued, likely placed by other sketchy companies.

    If Rachel is gone, other robo-calling schemes will probably take her place. So report them! Robocalls are now illegal without your written consent and the same is true with political robocalls to your cell phones. As these payments prove, the FTC does investigate them.

  163. John Nguyen says:

    I received a call from them today 6/4/2015 9:34am. Pick up the phone & tell them that the conversation will be recorded & forwarded to FCC for Donotcall violation. There will be $15,000 fine.

    Other time, just shout out loud to their ears….who would call the Crazy person !!! We need to fight back these bad guys.

  164. Pat says:

    I just got a call from “cardholder services” but it wasn’t “Rachel”. I simply hung up. John is absolutely right, they never use the same number twice, plus if you try a #57 traceback you will get “the number you dialed is not in service.” I think they use stolen phones for this, maybe somebody else knows the truth on this. T

    • keith says:

      actually they use a computer program to spoof the caller id info. i consider this wire fraud and would like to see them prosecuted for it.

  165. john cotter says:

    nice note about cardholder services but they are way ahead of you as cardholder services never uses same number twice so blocking can’t help they even have called me using my own name and number as well as a neighbor. someone is goiing to have to get sserious with these folks.before one of their borrowered names gets killed.

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