CU’s ad campaign aims to keep the pressure on the FCC to reject the merger

By Michael McCauley on Friday, February 27th, 2015

Consumers scored a major victory this week when the FCC voted to enact strong new rules to ensure the Internet remains free and open.  Now we’re hoping to capitalize on that momentum and continue the pressure on the FCC to reject the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger.

Beginning next week, Consumers Union will run ads in select Washington, D.C. media outlets urging the FCC to side with consumers and turn down the mega merger.  Our ads pose the question, “What’s worse than Comcast today?’  The obvious answer:  Comcast tomorrow if its merger with Time Warner Cable is allowed to go through.


CU’s ad campaign was made possible because of the generous contributions of our campaign supporters.  The ads point out that Comcast will gain control of almost 60 percent of the cable TV and more than half of the high speed broadband market in the country.  That’s too much power for one single corporation, especially a cable giant like Comcast that has consistently scored poorly in Consumer Reports’ annual customer satisfaction surveys.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been working as part of the Stop Mega Comcast Coaltion to make the case against the merger and mobilize more opposition to the deal.  And we’ve been busy debunking Comcast’s dubious claims and stepping up the pressure in California where regulators are taking a close look at the takeover scheme.

All of our efforts are paying off but we’ve got to keep pushing.  We can defeat this disastrous deal if we continue to stand together and keep the pressure on the FCC!

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