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By Tim Marvin on Monday, February 9th, 2015

The FCC dropped a $25,000 fine on the robocall company Message Communications, Inc for:

“[O]bstruction of an Enforcement Bureau (Bureau) investigation into the Company’s compliance with the Communications Act and our rules relating to the practice of making calls using artificial or prerecorded voice messages—“robocalling”. Robocalls may be made to consumers cell phones only if the consumer has consented or during an emergency — all other robocalls to cell phones are illegal.”

(Read the entire notice here)

This is a good step for regulators, who are under a mountain of consumer pressure to stop robocalls.  This fine is hopefully one of many that crack down on illegal robocalls, however, regulators need to go much further.

12 responses to “News: FCC Fines Robocall Company”

  1. Debera Zuber says:

    I have created a script for the Philippine film industry; would you please place a link to it on your this site?

  2. I like reading an article that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing for me to comment!

  3. Ed Corban says:

    When out we get 2 to 3 calls a day from cardholder services.
    The recording says “press 3 if you wish to be removed from our
    list “, did that and didn’t work-tried it many times.
    Then spoke to Reps asking for the co. name and they
    hung-up on me.

  4. C Cooley says:

    Call your carrier and demand FREE, EFFECTIVE and UNLIMITED robocall blocking, not the limited services your phone company may offer.
    Verizon: 212-395-1000
    AT&T, the office of the company President: 800-422-0499
    Century Link: 866-642-0444
    Tell the phone company you want FREE tools to block robocalls before they reach your phone!

  5. Don Barningham says:

    I’ve been getting a minimum of one a day (on my Cell Phone) going on five years now. Rachael, Ann, Bridget…..
    I am on the Do Not Call list. I have filled out the on line complaint forms som many times, I just got tired of doing it.
    These people, when found, should be sued. A class action suit.
    I have the documents. If I could find a physical address for just one of these people….

  6. James Wood says:

    The telephone company issuers also need to be fined for allowing these people to use their services!

  7. Joe Kuban says:

    I want to believe that this will help put an end to the many unwanted telemarketing calls that I often get while preparing dinner, during dinner and from time to time, while at work. The last attempt from the FCC to register with DO NOT CALL list was merely a joke as the robocall companies were probably laughing seeing that no action was taken by the feds despite the many complaints of violations. Now, let us see how long this band-aid will work, hopefully, a permanent solution. :/

  8. Sheila Becker says:

    I get a lot from Rachel from credit card services.

  9. Sue Ditkowsky says:

    tired of carman Rachael and now Bridget. Cardholders services…get of my phone! Also …Hello Seniors…another pest. Stop these calls…tired of being interrupted.

  10. Carol Durso says:

    i get several calls a day from out of state autodialers. Some in state spoof legit phones . I have tried to set up nomorobo but this is difficult and was not successful. Please get some action. I am on the do not call list too. If a charity calls, I make a point of never giving to that charity again. I tell everyone I know to do the same. If they can afford telemarketers, they do not need any money from me!

  11. Tamie Crist says:

    i am consistently getting calls from various states, where I know that I know no one. Sometimes when I go to answer, you can tell it is automated. Many are credit cards trying to reduce my rates. I have no outstanding credit card debt. Then if you don’t answer one, they may call back again using a different state and number.

  12. Michael Faber says:

    I want to stop these calls at my home, and I should be able to opt out of them also. Keep going!

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