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By Daniela Nunez on Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Lisa McGiffert

Lisa McGiffert

Lisa McGiffert, Director of Consumers Union’s Safe Patient Project, was recognized in Modern Healthcare’s “100 Most Influential People in Healthcare” 2015 list. We couldn’t be more proud of Lisa and her accomplishments.

“This recognition is well-deserved and long overdue,” said Consumer Reports President & CEO Marta Tellado. “Lisa has been a tireless leader in the fight to reduce deadly hospital infections and medical errors. Her work has helped save countless lives by shining the spotlight on this preventable epidemic and by mobilizing patients and their families to hold hospitals accountable for improving the care they provide. Lisa’s partnership with patient safety activists across the country has demonstrated how much impact ordinary citizens can have by joining together and working for change.”

Lisa joined Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy arm of Consumer Reports, in 1991, working on a full array of health issues in Texas before launching the national Stop Hospital Infections campaign in 2003. Through this campaign, Consumers Union was instrumental in helping to pass legislation in 30 states requiring hospitals to publicly disclose their patient infection rates. Our success in the states helped prompt the federal government to establish a national hospital infection public reporting program in 2011.

As Director of CU’s Safe Patient Project, Lisa has been a tenacious advocate on a number of other patient safety issues, including working to eliminate preventable medical errors and to improve the safety of physician care and medical devices. She lobbies on national and state patient safety legislation and regulations to improve accountability and expand public disclosure about medical harm. Lisa provides a strong voice for consumers at conferences, with the media and when serving on state and national advisory committees, including current positions on the National Quality Forum Patient Safety Committee, the Measures Application Partnership (advises the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services on quality measures for public reporting and pay for performance programs), and CDC’s Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee.

She has led the development of a national patient safety activist network through collaboration with individuals who have personal experiences with medical harm, providing technical support and training for their work on state legislation and regulations.

Here’s what some Safe Patient Project activists had to say about Lisa’s award:

So good to see you, Lisa, on this list!!  It shows what a strong leader of this movement you are and how our work is being heard and our voice is powerful.

Congratulations, Lisa!!  We are honored to know you and to have been working with you to save more lives.

This is well deserved recognition for all you do in patient safety around the nation, and especially with the advocates and other people you touch every day! You are just getting started!

We believe that Lisa’s work has made a real difference in the way that American healthcare is delivered, and her work opens minds and commands attention. From Suzanne Henry, Safe Patient Project Policy Analyst: “Lisa influences the way leaders in healthcare approach their work when it comes to patient safety. She has led the charge to quantify patient safety measures, specifically hospital infections. And after ten years of passing laws to require reporting of hospital infections, the guessing game is over. Hospitals can now tell a story about their efforts to prevent infections. Patients can know if hospitals are reducing their infection rates. And reducing infections results in lives saved. Medical harm is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., a statistic that might have gone unnoticed and unchanged without Lisa’s work.”

One response to “Safe Patient Project Director Makes Modern Healthcare’s “100 Most Influential People in Healthcare””

  1. Mary R Dubuc says:

    How do you get around the Corruption? The Big Phama’s own the FDA, Congress, the Senate and the media. Just Johnson and Johnson has paid the Gynecologists and Urogynecologists over $300,000,000 to use their Mesh products. There are so many women that have had everything taken from their lives through these mesh implants. Around the World there are over 100,000
    Women who health, family, there income producing capabilities, they have 2 to 4 autoimmune deceased can never have sex ever again due to the excruciating, debilitating pain! I know a lot of these women from all around the world. We have found each other on Facebook. Once the mesh has been surgically put in your body it in some cases immediately has done the damage due to the fact it was never meant to be removed. It melt’s at 77 degrees I’ve researched. It migrates and even though women have had as many as 19 surgeries to remove it. Bottom line it has been insinuated that it is absolutely impossible to remove even though the doctors doing the removal have told patients “they got it all”. All the research and digging I have done beings that I am unable to work from all the complications of my mesh. There is too much corruption and greed in the Pharmaceutical industry. How anyone on earth could stop the insanity of our doctor’s and hospitals, cancer treatment state are a death sentence and the public don’t seem to think there is any other way to be cured than to be given poison. It’s nuts! There are so many nature made cures for everything we have ailments of. But then again you’ll be battling the Food industry as we have been poisoned by them as well with all of the processed foods which are initiating our bad health and Cancer’s.
    I say hats of to you for all that you are doing. Personally, the people need to wake up and get out elected officials put behind bars along with all the Pharma’s and the secret elite of the 161 people across the world with 98% of the World’s income and that are causing the wars and uprisings across the world to run the world as if we are puppets on a string. I guess that’s what we really are.
    I spent 30 year’s of my life using my belief that I could make a difference with my knowledge and experience as an appointed Underwriter for the Veteran’s Administration and the Federal Housing Authority along with my integrity of workingworking with some of the most under privileged low income, uneducated class of the town I moved to. To have accomplished what I set out to do. Which as working with the lower class and bad credit citizens to help them realize the “AMERICAN DREAM” of home ownership. I helped thousands and thousands. Then everything changed….I got a Bladdersling, I bled internally for over 4 years, miss diagnosed was short 8 pints of blood and had a 3% chance of survival at the same time the year of the crash 2008 of all the foreclosures, etc. Since I have gone from healthy and very well, off financially to destitute and have determined this counties new “American dream ” …….. Survival.
    Thank you for what you’ve accomplished and I pray that for our Nation’s sake that the hand of God be with you.
    Mary R. Dubuc
    Council Bluffs, Iowa

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