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FICO Expands its Free Credit Score Program to More Consumers

Looks like consumer demand for more access to free credit scores is catching on: last month, Sallie Mae announced that it was joining FICO’s Open Access program, meaning that it will provide a free credit score each quarter to borrowers who take out “Smart Option” private student loans in the 2014-15 school year. According to […]

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Watch-out for Student Loan “Help” That Does More Harm Than Good

Illinois’ AG goes after companies trying to spring the debt settlement trap on student loan borrowers Student loan debt settlement companies’ advertisements say things like, “Your entire student loan can be forgiven” and “Stop wage garnishment.” But according to lawsuits filed today by the Illinois Attorney General, two companies making those claims aren’t helping consumers. […]

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Operation Choke Point Helps Crack Down on Scammers

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is finally taking action against banks that allow fraudsters to operate. But the agency’s anti-scam effort is under attack. Under Operation Choke Point (OCP), the DOJ investigates financial services providers, like banks and payment processors, that continue to knowingly honor illegal transactions despite unambiguous signs of fraud. In January 2014, […]

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Struggling with high drug costs, senior questions marketing expenses

Recently Alvin responded to our request for stories about consumer struggles with healthcare costs. Though he considers himself relatively healthy, in his early 70s, he does have chronic conditions that commonly accompany aging. Alvin takes five pills daily to control his high blood pressure, heart rate, gout, and high cholesterol. He predicts that he will […]

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July 4th grillers show us their no-antibiotics meat and say: Not On My Grill!

We asked you to show us your meat — and did you ever.   Last week for July 4th, we got dozens and dozens of photos from folks who said “Not On My Grill!” and shared shots of meat raised without antibiotics they used in their holiday grilling adventures.  Lots of others folks wrote in […]

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Senate Dems Press Dept. of Ed. on Student Loan Servicers

It’s no longer news that consumers with student loans are paying high interest rates and struggling to keep up with the financial burdens of going to college in today’s America.  But loan servicers – the companies that process payments and administer loans once borrowers are repaying them – are coming under increasing scrutiny for failing […]

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Department of Defense to Make Total-Energy Usage 25% Renewable by 2025

The Department of Defense (DoD) plans on making significant investments in renewable energy sources, according to a report released by the Clean Energy Pipeline. Over the course of the next decade, the DoD intends to draw a quarter of its total energy usage from renewable sources, by 2025. Clean Energy Pipeline, an independent-online publisher centered […]

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California state government rebates lead to more electric car purchases

` In a surprising turn of events, it turns out when the government helps makes products more affordable, more people actually buy them. That would seem to be what the data regarding electric car purchases in California would support. The California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project set out in 2012 to provide subsidies to those who […]

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Innovation and Open sourcing: the key to international business success and clean-energy technology is competition

Tesla Motors has carved a very unique niche for their company, as they attempt to be the premier luxury all-electric sports car brand. Now however, anyone can access the technologies that use in their products. The motor company has open sourced the patents for their battery technology in the hopes that it will spur more […]

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CFPB Says It’s Going to Watch Out for Consumers’ Digital Assets

The Wild West of decentralized crypto – also known as digital or virtual –  currencies may be getting a sheriff. As first reported by Bloomberg’s Carter Dougherty, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has committed to looking into the consumer protection issues around these protocols. U.S. lawmakers, government agencies and law enforcement have all taken […]

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