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Scam Alert!: For-Profit School Closing, STILL Recruiting Students

Looks like it’s finally curtains for Corinthian Colleges – the for-profit company behind career colleges like Heald, Everest and WyoTech.  Late last week, the company announced in SEC filings that it was planning to close or sell all of its campuses after the Department of Education decided to slow Corinthian’s access to federal money. The […]

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Obamacare affordability “glitch” hits home for New Jersey family

We wrote recently about the “family glitch” where unsuspecting families get left out of new health insurance coverage options under Obamacare because of a flaw in how affordability is calculated. Jack’s family is one. As a full time casino dealer in New Jersey, Jack’s employer offers health insurance. His wife is a stay-at-home mom, taking care of […]

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What you need to know about repaying student loans

Whether you’re a new college graduate (congrats!) or someone who is already repaying student loans, it’s important to know all your options for managing your monthly payments. For federally-backed student loans, you can take advantage of repayment plans that let you pay lower amounts each month to ease the stress of paying the loans. To […]

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Mississippi’s Suit Against Experian Draws Attention to the Credit Bureau’s Policies

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood’s lawsuit against top consumer reporting agency (“CRA” or “credit bureau”) Experian, which we reported on last week, is continuing to make waves. As a New York Times article posted over the weekend points out, the lawsuit alleges that Experian consistently provided incorrect information on credit reports and often failed to […]

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Posted by Consumers Union on Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 | 1 Comment »

Consumer Reports Poll: 92% of Americans Want GMO Labeling

Monsanto and Big Food can try every which way to spin their claim that genetically engineered food is no different. But Americans aren’t buying it. Nine out of 10 consumers (92 percent) want to know on the label if their food is genetically engineered, according to Consumer Reports latest national poll. That same percentage of […]

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Posted by Consumers Union on Monday, June 23rd, 2014 | 17 Comments »

Consumers demand transparency, health insurance rates remain hidden

We have to admit it. We can’t figure out what the folks in Washington, D.C., overseeing health insurance, are thinking. Instead of releasing the information about proposed insurance rates for next year – so consumer groups like ours have time to fight unfair rate hikes before they go into effect – the people over at […]

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Posted by Consumers Union on Monday, June 23rd, 2014 | 9 Comments »

New York Takes A Close Look at The Comcast-TWC Merger

Ever since Comcast announced plans to merge with Time Warner Cable in February, all eyes have been on the Federal Communications Commission and Justice Department, which are charged with reviewing the plan.  But some states are taking a close look too and this week New York held a series of hearings on the deal. New […]

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Consumer Reports poll finds most Americans oppose the Comcast mega merger

Comcast has been trying to sell its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable by promising all sorts of benefits for consumers.  But a new public opinion survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center shows that the public isn’t falling for the cable giant’s empty promises. According to the poll, only 11 percent of the […]

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Posted by Michael McCauley on Thursday, June 19th, 2014 | 1 Comment »

Reverse mortgages: Is it true? Can you really keep your house?

If you’re wondering about the answer to this question, check out this NBC Bay Area news story which aired on June 11th.  Reality Check: Reverse Mortgages Aren’t As Good As They Sound  After you’ve watched, tell us what you think in the comments section below. Over the years, Consumers Union has written about reverse mortgages […]

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Posted by Norma Garcia on Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 | 8 Comments »

Outrageous Bills – Bad Insurance?

When June’s son dislocated his shoulder while playing basketball at school, it was an easy decision to take him to the hospital, because the Florida family thought that they had a good health insurance plan.  At the hospital, doctors took an X-ray, gave her son morphine for the pain, and manually put his shoulder back […]

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