190,000 Consumers to FCC: No robocalls to cell phones!

Tim Marvin
Campaign Manager

Monday, March 30th, 2015

We asked you to fight back against robocalls to cell phones and Holy Moly you responded!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has been under a barrage from the banking industry to loosen rules that prohibit robocalls to our cell phones. In just a few short weeks 130,000 consumers signed on to our petition to the  FCC. Our message was simple: No robocalls to cell phones.

The response from cell phone users has been tremendous. FCC robocalls petition 03 25 15 BWe spearheaded the grassroots effort with our coalition partners to bring a total of about 190,000 signatures to the front door of the regulator.

Americans are sick and tired of the scams and endless ringing- together we have started to fight back.

Our DC based anti-robocall advocate, Delara Derakhshani, put it this way,“Companies shouldn’t be allowed to make robocalls to your cellphone without your consent.  But some companies are pushing for loopholes that would open your cellphone to telemarketing pitches, and would limit the companies’ liability for making these harassing calls. Instead of weakening the protections in place, companies should be working harder to ensure that calls are made only when the consumer has explicitly agreed to receive these calls. That’s why so many consumer groups across the country are calling on the FCC to reject this effort by industry, and preserve our right to say ‘no’ to robocalls to cellphones.”

To add your voice to the thousands of consumers demanding an end to robocalls go to EndRobocalls.org and get involved today!

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One response to “190,000 Consumers to FCC: No robocalls to cell phones!”

  1. Karil Daniels says:

    There should be very severe fines and even jail terms for Do-Not-Call law violators!
    I get multiple calls almost daily from “Card Services,” despite many request to be removed from their list.
    They are, by far, the worst violators.
    I’d like to see the CEO of that company do a year in jail!

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