Three Shocking New Facts About Robocalls

Tim Marvin
Campaign Manager

Friday, November 13th, 2015

YouMail is a company that develops telecommunication services for consumers and small businesses. They have started putting out a monthly report that tracks robocall volume across the United States. The data is based on callers blocked and/or reported as spam by millions of YouMail subscribers nationwide.  YouMail analyzed billions of calls and determined robocall patterns used by the majority of telemarketers and both legal and illegal robocalling operations. Check out these three new findings from their National Robocall Index:

  • Roughly one in six phone calls received by the average consumer is a robocall—a computer-generated phone call that can range from dangerous phishing scams and annoying sales calls to important doctor appointments or bill-pay reminders.
  • There are more than 80 million scam or fraudulent calls made each month alone, taking an estimated $8.6 billion from unsuspecting consumers and businesses last year alone.
  • What’s more, small businesses in the U.S. waste an estimated 20 million hours per year dealing with unwanted robocalls and this translates to at least $475 million in lost productivity annually.

New reports like these just demonstrate what many of us already know: Robocalls are an epidemic! Join us in calling on phone companies to act now


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