ABC Bay Area Profiles End Robocalls Campaign!

Maureen Mahoney
Public Policy Fellow

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Your fight against robocalls continues to attract great media coverage – it was just profiled by ABC-KGO Bay Area!

End Robocalls campaign manager Tim Marvin continues to put pressure on the top phone companies to offer all of their customers free tools to block unwanted calls. Tim told ABC, “We do think that there’s technology out there that can help solve this problem, the phone companies need to make this investment to stop them.”

San Francisco consumer Lavinia Turner, who has been hassled by robocalls, was also included in the piece. She said of these unwanted calls, “I think it is a terrible practice and they should stop it.”

Check out the piece here:

We thank Lavinia and thousands of other consumers like you for continuing to beat the drum for an end to robocalls. Help turn up the heat on the phone companies by signing our petition here. And stay tuned – we have lots more action in the fight against robocalls coming soon!

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